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22 May - 21 June



Lucky Days: 1, 8, 9, 17, 18

Yucky Days: 2, 3, 14, 15, 29

Colour: Candy Cane

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Well hello there 2017 – you're looking fine. You can't contain your excitement that 2016 is finally over, but you have to wait about a week to fully launch your 2017 dreams. This is because your ruler Mercury will remain in retrograde though the 8th, and it'll be a few days even after it turns direct before you'll really feel back to yourself. By the 12th a Full Moon arrives, and it's a super emotional one at that. Give yourself a few days before and after to assimilate any feelings about your self-worth and your financial prospects. You're processing some deep stuff right now. The New Moon arrives on the 27th, bringing less emotional, more analytical awareness to the scene. You'll love this lunation because it's in an air sign like your own – you're in your element and you feel very comfortable there – and totally adventurous. Mars moves into your house of groups and goals the next day, ending February on a decidedly collaborative note. Whatever you want to do – try not to go it alone, at least for the next six weeks or so.


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Lucky Days: 4, 5, 13, 14, 21

Yucky Days: 1, 6,7 24, 25

Colour: Sequin

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This is your kind of month, Gemini – and the doorway to a much better year indeed. After all the stress you suffered in 2016 you're more than ready for what comes next, so let's dive in. The month begins with lovely echoes of the late November New Moon in your relationship zone, so the first week might feel a little bit romantic. But the first major astro-event of December has your name written all over it, literally. The Full Moon in Gemini arrives on the 13th, and it speaks to what started to transpire around your last birthday. Think about all the things you wanted to manifest six months ago – how much did you accomplish? This lunation is your annual check-in, and your chance to reset the clock on your ambitions. If you missed a chance to next level your life – either on the personal or professional front – you can make it happen now. Opportunities that seemed to evaporate can reappear in new forms – be on the lookout. But whatever you do, try to do it fast, because on the 19th, your ruler Mercury goes retrograde for the fourth and final time of the year. This is your signal from the universe to power down and chill out for the remainder of 2016 – get all the details done with beforehand. The Winter Solstice makes the calling to chill and relax even stronger on the 21st – no stress allowed. The year closes with a New Moon in your house of intimacy on the 29th – on the same day that Uranus goes direct. 2017 dawns in ways that are wholly unexpected – but entirely worth their weight in fun.

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