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21 April - 21 May



Lucky Days: 1, 9, 10, 18, 19

Yucky Days: 2, 3, 15, 16, 23

Colour: Silver

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Why hello there September. Not only is this month the launch of many a Fashion Week around the globe, it's also the beginning of the end for a very challenging summer. Between two world-rocking eclipses and a havoc-inducing Mercury Retrograde, you're SO ready to just chill for a minute. Luckily that's exactly what the stars have in store for you now – but you have to work with them in order to draw upon their magic. Magic is indeed the keyword on the first weekend of the month, as you approach a gorgeous, romantic Full Moon. Even better, about twenty-four hours before the lunation on early Tuesday morning, Mars moves into your romance zone just as Mercury goes direct. This is a triple-whammy of cosmic proportions, and it's all good, Ms. Bull. Just note that it's a lot of change all at once, and you're not the biggest fan of change. Pleasure is your paramour for most of the month with a gaggle of planets moving into your house of fun and love. Even more ideal, this is the theme of the New Moon on the early morning of the 20th, insuring that your next six months will be rife with creativity – plan ahead for your magnum opus. 


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Lucky Days: 4, 5, 13, 14, 22

Yucky Days: 1, 2, 10, 11, 29

Colour: Turquoise

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Whoa, Taurus! This is a seriously overwhelming month in the stars. Eclipse season returns in August, and because Mercury Retrograde erupts right in the middle of it all, the month feels completely cray. The good news is that despite the "expect the unexpected" sensibility in the stars, you can get ahead of the stress with a little careful planning. The first eclipse (a Full Moon/Lunar event) arrives on the 7th, hitting your career zone. This hearkens back to last February, when you may have embarked on a new professional course – or at least started thinking about it. This is a crucial moment in that journey, when things can either fall apart or come together – or both at the same time. Just as you're shaking off the dust of this first eclipse, Mercury begins his backwards journey on the 12th – shaking up your creativity zone. This makes it even clearer that August's major theme is ideas – reworking and tweaking them until they're perfect. Don't feel like you have to press ahead or launch anything until deep in September, when even more dust will settle and point you in the right direction. The second eclipse arrives on the 21st in the form of a New Moon. Home is where your heart is now – and your family is the locus of all your healing. Just try to avoid any explosive drama before you get to that point.

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