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21 April - 21 May



Lucky Days: 5, 6, 14, 15, 24

Yucky Days: 3, 4, 9, 17, 18

Colour: Aqua

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Welcome to 2018 – the next and best year of the rest of your life. January begins with a Full Moon/Supermoon on the 1st, when you may feel all your feels and then some. Communication is the main focus of this lunation, so tend to your conversations with love and gentleness now. Things will rebound quickly and your craving for adventure may speed up exponentially as the month progresses – you have the urge to learn, grow, and spend as much time on the road as much as possible. This peaks at the New Moon on the 16th – a perfect lunation for mapping out your long-distance travel schedule for the next six months. By the 19th the Sun moves into your career zone, stoking the fires of professional ambition. By the end of the month the planets bring a stellar surprise, a THIRD lunation, but this one is no mere Full Moon – it's also a Lunar Eclipse/Supermoon in your house of home. Yes, Taurus, this one is intensely emotional, but it's also intensely healing. You can work out complex personal issues from late last summer, perhaps connected to events that took place near the 21 August eclipse. Think back to that time and recall what was going on in your life – then take steps to make it right once and for all.


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a seat while your read this, Taurus, because December is all about
slowing waaaaaaaaay down. What could be more up your alley? The thing is
that the stars are going fast, almost too fast at the start of the
month – and you'll need to react to them by getting super grounded. The
first weekend is mildly insane, with Mercury Retrograde starting within a
few hours before the Full Moon (on the 3rd.). This is all about your
money situation, Ms. Bull – from earning and balancing your budget to
saving and paying back debt. The way to stay ahead of any errors is
simple: don't go on crazy spending sprees without first knowing what you
can truly afford. With the retrograde moving through your house of debt
and intimacy until the 22nd, both past financial transactions and old
lovers can come back to haunt you – or help you. The New Moon lands in
this same part of your chart on the 18th, so now is the time to align
your karma. Speaking of karma, Saturn moves into Capricorn, your sister
earth sign, on the 19th. This 2.5 year phase will help you to see more
of the world. Christmas is appropriately quiet this year, even a bet
somber, but you may find yourself dreaming of long-distance travel if
you're not celebrating abroad. New Year's Eve is lit and luxe: with the
Moon in your money zone as 2017 waves goodbye, you'll want to pile on
all the sequins.

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