Aries monthly horoscope

21 March - 20 April



Lucky Days: 7, 8, 9, 17, 18

Yucky Days: 2, 3, 10, 11, 30

Colour: Violet

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You're on fire this month, Aries – but not in the way you might think. Venus leaves your sign on the 6th, after an elongated stint (thanks to the recent retrograde). But before she moves on, she's going to make the first week of June into one of the wildest and most romantic rides you've had a in a while, so strap yourself in, Ms. Ram. Her next stop is your financial zone, where she'll make you a money-magnet over the next few weeks. Adventure calls you loudly in the days leading up to the 9th, when the Full Moon opens the floodgates in your house of travel and mind-expansion. You don't want to simply get on the road now – you want to go somewhere that will make you smarter and more worldly. If you can't slip out of town this weekend, at least slip into an of-the-moment novel or inspirational podcast. On the same day as the Full Moon, there's more incredi-ble astro-news: Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is going direct in your relationship zone. If your partnerships have felt stuck or just plain boring, this will put them back on track. The Summer Solstice arrives early on the 21st, initiating four cosy weeks with your family and close friends. Domestic themes rule the roost for the next month, and you can set goals for this part of your life at the New Moon on 23 June, just a few days later. If you want to move, redecorate, or reconnect with your past, set your agenda right now.


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Lucky Days: 2, 3, 11, 12, 22

Yucky Days: 7, 8, 14, 15, 28

Colour: Tomato

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May your Motivation Month, Aries. All the delays and pauses of the
previous few months are about to explode into major progress – perhaps
before you feel completely ready. This is because you've been under a
heavy retrograde cloud for months, starting with Venus in early March.
Happily, the love planet went direct in April, and on 3 May, Mercury
follows her. This will ease up the glitches, breakdowns and annoying
slowdowns in all areas of your life rather quickly, and by midmonth, any
financial worries should begin to ease a bit. There's a powerful Full
Moon on the 10th, and it's pulling you deep into some kind of intimacy.
This might create the kind of emotional vulnerability you prefer to
avoid, or you might experience pure, unbridled desire – prepare to be
far more randy than you've been in a while. (Hello there, spring fever.)
Communication is the name of the game after the Sun moves into Gemini
on the 20th. This peaks at the New Moon on the 25th, when you can (and
should) set some goals for self-expression. Between now and next
November, what kind of statement do you want to make – both personally
and professionally? The Mars/Saturn opposition at the very end of the
month can provoke both anxiety and anger, so it's essential to stay
balanced – and you may need to work off your angst at the gym.

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