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21 March - 20 April



Lucky Days: 1, 2, 10, 11, 30

Yucky Days: 3, 4, 17, 18, 24

Colour: Gold

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Eclipse season is back and it's not even close to kidding around this time, Aries. August may be the most intense month of 2017, and we've already had many intense months. The upshot is that on the other side of the coming challenges you'll be a better, stronger, more kickass version of you. The moment the month begins you'll feel it – probably even a few days before. But by 7 August, when the first of two eclipses lands in your house of goals and group activities, you'll likely be a bit more than merely hyper-emotional – you'll have all the feels and then some. This is a lunar eclipse in Aquarius, so it's extremely deep, but also extremely ripe for analysis. You probably won't b able to get any emotional distance right away, but think back to something that began brewing about six months ago – that's coming to fruition now. Less than a week later Mercury goes retrograde in your work zone – so welcome to wonky-town for the next three weeks (from 12 August to 5 September). If at all possible, spend the first week of the month getting all your ducks in a row at the office and beyond – back up your data, triple-check appointments, and if you have any short or long-distance travel plans, scan your itinerary in advance. Once you get your head around the retrograde, along comes the second eclipse in the series – this one a New Moon/Solar Eclipse in your house of creativity and love on the 21st. This is a major world event, but it's personal to you, Ms. Ram. The sense that your slate is being wiped clean is totally palpable. Start fresh, especially in the realms of romance and pleasure, and your hopes, dreams and plans will flower over the next six months. 


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Lucky Days:  4, 5, 14, 15, 24

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July brings back the fire you've been starving for, Aries. The last few months have had plenty of emotional fallout, but not enough of the kind of drama you dig – the sexy kind. If you can be patient (we know that's hard for you) the rom-com you've wanted to live out in real time might just arrive at mid-month. In the meantime try to hold steady, because there's some intense astrology on the very first weekend of July as your ruler Mars opposes Pluto. This is a bit world-shaking so you may want to stick close to home if possible – it's one of those breaking news moments. In terms of your personal life, there's a work-life balance issue at play. Your family and your career are in direct competition. This theme extends through the Full Moon, arriving early in the morning on the 9th. You're likely finishing up a professional project you started about six months ago, as 2017 had just begun. No matter what stage you've reached, know this, Aries – your status is on the rise between now and next year. The fun bit we alluded to at the start of this horoscope begins on the 20th, when your ruler Mars moves into Leo on the 20th, the sign that rules your house of love, pleasure, romance and art. Yes, Ms. Ram – you're about to get an abundance of pure passion, and it'll last about six weeks. But wait: there's more. The Sun moves into this part of your chart on the 22nd, followed by the New Moon on the 23rd. If you want unending, decadent bliss, wish on these lucky stars and map out a happiness strategy for the next six months.

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