Pisces monthly horoscope

20 February - 20 March



Lucky Days: 9, 10, 19, 20, 27

Yucky Days: 12, 13, 26, 31

Colour: Shell

Celebrity Icon: Eva Longoria

Life is dramatically changing for the sweeter this month, Pisces. April is luckily a distant memory! Yes, you survived one of the most grueling retrograde phases to remember. May promises to be infinitely more mellow and creative. For starters, Mercury Retrograde officially moves on after the 3rd.  Communication madness from April is finally untangled—slowly and carefully. It's to your advantage to retrace your steps now, and undo any previous damage from mixed messages or other misunderstandings with loved ones. The Full Moon brings extreme travel fever to the mix. It will inspire your next six months of jet-setting and adventures galore. You're safe to start dreaming and planning now that we're clearing the ridiculous retrograde record of the previous month. The Sun changes signs after the 20th and invites you to turn into a homebody during the second half of May. Be sure to carve in some extra beauty rest and soul time to help integrate all of your recent transformations. The New Moon in studious Gemini invites you to take on a new language, flit about town or lose yourself in a thousand distractions at once. You'll need new ways to stimulate your brain cells and conversations that keep you on your toes, Pisces. Be sure to fill your imagination with only the highest realms of learning and inspiration.


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Lucky Days: 2, 3, 11, 12, 29

Yucky Days: 1, 7, 8, 14, 15

Colour: Shimmer

Celebrity Icon: Drew Barrymore

Spring is officially in full swing now, Pisces. After a rather sleepy and dreamy March, everything is coming into sharp focus. Many plans require reworking and the unknown may still loom large. Luckily, you've learned to thrive with uncertainty. The Full Moon (on the 11th) brings yet more change, but also loads of clarity. Relationships are still under negotiation until after Venus comes out of retrograde on the 15th, in your stars – that's why this really matters to you. The good news: romance and creativity are in ample abundance now. You're also getting ready to revise and revamp your career goals. Mercury will help you reclaim any details you may have missed (between 9 April and early May). Pause and reflection are your go-to emotional tactics all month long. Your top three major life arenas of the moment are money, love and career. The New Moon (on the 26th) highlights communication and mindfulness. Choose your words and terms with caution and care, and leave plenty of room for amendments later. This is one month when you might change your mind on the daily, Pisces. Trust your feelings, but don't necessarily trust your grasp on the details.

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