Capricorn horoscope 2016

23 December - 20 January



You're all about upgrading your consciousness in 2016, Capricorn. This year you'll choose people, situations and courses of study that expand your mind and lift your spirits. This might actually be one of the most spiritual years of your life: you're on a massive search for the truth and meaning. Communication is a major theme – a source of both wisdom and challenge. You're getting ready to make your way through not only one—but double Mercury Retrogrades moving through your stars. The first rewind phase happens in January and the second one at the very end of the year in December, so you'll start and finish 2016 under an atmosphere of contemplation and reflection on the past. You'll be extremely ambitious and disciplined for most of the year, minus March to May, when you'll crave a major rest and retreat phase to balance all of the crazy ambitious energy of the rest of the year. You have big dreams and goals on your list and your competitive streak is at an all time high. Travel is especially alluring through the summer: book those trips. September through the end of 2016 brings exceptional career opportunity and expansion, especially if you team up with the right people.


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Love & Sex:

Love is an important stabiliser during a year when you're otherwise hyper-focused on career and accomplishment. You'll especially appreciate your beloved this spring, when you feel the longing to get back in touch with your romantic side. Old flames could resurface this May when Mercury goes retrograde in your love zone. You're discovering hidden wisdom and richness in your relationships; stuff that you didn't even know was there in the first place. Finding the balance between nurturing and being nurtured is essential. 


Career & Money:

You're so ready to move your status to the next level this year. You'll feel the push you need in late March, thank to the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at the top of your horoscope. Opportunities will start to unfold between March and September, so be open and ready. The double whammy Mercury Retrogrades taking place on both sides of 2016 can put some strain on communication and slow down contracts and plans. Use this time to rework, revise and research so that the rest of the year flows effortlessly. 

Social Life:

Your social life is flourishing in the best of all possible ways in 2016. Mars is giving you the extra oomph to network and collaborate with some power players in your field. Plus, the courageous and ambitious types will have a way of finding you: like attracts like. Keep a watch on any jealous or overly competitive instincts that might threaten your joy and connections with those who are truly on your side. The only one you have to compete with is yourself. Gratitude always brings you sources of greater strength and magnetism, so remember that a bit of humility is your lucky charm.

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Health & Wellness:

You don't really have a choice but to take regular intervals of rest and rejuvenation, Capricorn. Your key months for rest are January, March, April, May and December. If you can keep your schedule as light as possible with plenty of spa treatments and vacations woven in, you'll have more energy to do a thousand things during the remaining seven months of the year. It's all about balance. Recovery time is essential to sustained productivity and success. Add in extra sleep and longer transition times to keep stress levels at bay.

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