Capricorn horoscope 2017

23 December - 20 January



You defy all odds and expectations when it comes to the power of personal reinvention, Capricorn. You're even surprising yourself at this point with how far your personal growth can go. Less ambitious zodiac signs would have faltered years ago. You could write a book after all you've seen and experienced since 2008 (and you just might do that this year). Never doubt your power again is a personal mantra indelibly engraved on your brain. You're also finally beginning to accept that few can keep up with your pace and thus it can be a bit lonely on the top of your mountain. Not that bouts of loneliness would ever break your stride. Jupiter continues to shine his light on your career and status all year long. This year's eclipse patterns induce a rather fated feel to financial matters. You can't help but feel obsessed with both saving and spending patterns in a way that feels extreme (even for you). If that means tightening up your budget even more, go for it. You've got big dreams to save up for in the next few years!


Love & Sex

Change is your only constant in life, and especially in love through 2017. No sweat, Capricorn. Letting go is practically like breathing for you at this point. Plus, you are one of the rare and the few who have figured out the key to not taking yourself too seriously. Dry humor is your greatest weapon and this defense makes you completely irresistible, darling. The Venus Retrograde arrives in March and could easily turn your love life into a review period until mid-April. Old loves can make a comeback or new loves might make you feel like you've known them forever. In any case, your romantic status certainly won't remain the same by the time summer comes. When Jupiter graces your social zone starting in October, the amount of amazing people crossing your path amps up your odds of meeting the "one" or at least falling in love daily. In any case, your popularity is out of this world all year long, which naturally bodes well for your love life.

Career & Money

No one works harder than you, Capricorn. Add in your consistency and work ethic and it's little wonder that you're constantly climbing straight to the top in your chosen field. 2017 promises big pay-offs compliments of Jupiter's juju (read: fame and fortune) at the top of your chart. The only caveat is the potential for overdoing it on the ambition front, which could quickly lead to burnout. Remember to slow down enough to actually celebrate your success. What's the point in ruling the world if you're too busy to enjoy it? Money is a bit messy this year due to the eclipses hitting your financial zones in February and August. You could fall into fast and furious buying binges due to your obsession with clothes. Nothing wrong with that except unexpected expenses could arise at eclipse time. Saving for that so-called "rainy day" keeps you in the black. The upside side of the eclipse patterns is that you'll see things you haven't seen before about your relationship to money. Once you're clear, you can make the necessary changes to get your financial scene back in tip-top shape.

Social Life

If you're wondering why so many friendships have weirdly disappeared over the past few years, you'll finally get some answers in 2017. Although, as a new crop of high quality humans roll in, you might not even worry about it. The truth is that in your ongoing metamorphosis, you are not the Capricorn you were eight years ago. This is thanks to Pluto's excavation of your stars. Face it, you've outgrown many friendships and even communities in the past several years. Loosen your grip on those relationships that no longer vibe with your current life goals and values. You don't have the time or energy to deny that certain relationships that have hit a dead end. New collaborations are on their way in during the second half of the year. Get ready, because your social network is about to skyrocket when Jupiter arrives in October.

Health &Wellness

2017 is not kidding when it comes to fitness and obsession with getting your body in killer condition. Your legendary discipline pays off in the wellness department, because once you start your new workout regime, you won't quit until your goals have been reached. Saturn, your guiding star, has been reminding you how essential soul time and self-care are to your overall wellbeing. Keep up with the beauty sleep and extra time for decompressing, darling. Embracing solo time for introspection is invaluable. In the same vein, vacations are not frivolous. In fact, they are your Capricorn birthright as a bonafide workaholic. Meditation, petting furry creatures and even staring at the wall every few days are essentials: they strengthen your immunity. Your sensitivity continues to grow, so feel free to take a break from people when you need to.

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