Sagittarius horoscope 2016

23 November - 22 december



You're finally getting your life together in 2016, Sadge! That's no mean feat considering how many different projects, plans and people you have going on simultaneously. You aim for the top and that requires endless amounts of time and often loads of half-finished projects. This is the year to change all of that and streamline your life in every way. Your star continues to rise sky-high adding authority and responsibility to the mix. Saturn will pressure you not to fritter away any of your time on useless distractions. You have an endless list of powerful goals to accomplish and you won't let anything stand in your way. Rework your financial planning and watch your spending at the beginning of the year. Then do a final revision at the very end of the year when Mercury goes retrograde in your money zone. You'll continue to release a lot of emotional baggage and faded dreams throughout the year, so be gentle with yourself. You're clearing the slate for new dreams as you find the balance between fantasy and practicality.  

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Love & Sex:

Your rebellious, rule-breaker, heart-breaker mode continues in 2016. You're still the wildflower firebrand who refuses to be tamed when it comes to your love life this year. That doesn't mean that you don't want passion, adventure and romance – to the contrary. It just means you're not about to settle down into a boring routine with your beloved. There's an erratic quality to the way you relate and the independence is not easy for your partner, so if you've opted to fly solo, it's not a surprise. In any case, you require oodles of freedom to make anything last more than a week or so.


Career & Money:

The pressure continues to mount and the expectations could not be higher. People know what you are capable of and you can no longer get away with procrastination or playing small. It's time to step up to your true potential and get crystal clear on your priorities so that you don't lost precious time. Decide what you really want and let the rest go. Saturn is still working your stars the entire year and into next, so only your top-notch work will do. You're learning how important it is to live up to your commitments, so don't agree to projects or deadlines unless you're absolutely sure you can handle it. No more over promising and under-delivering, darling—know your limits. You're also learning the power of paying attention to the details when it comes to putting out your very best.

Social Life:

Your friends are like your family and your spouses in one – this year and always. You adore your tribe and they adore you right back with ample amounts of support and fabulous advice. You love to partner and collaborate with your crew as much as possible and will find this especially lucrative around the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in March. You'll feel like you need some time out from socialising (and from the world in general) when Mars goes retrograde in your house of retreat and dreams in May and June. Mars fires up your stars starting in March and April and again in August and September, making parties irresistible.

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Health & Wellness:

Keeping your lifestyle as uncomplicated and streamlined as possible is the key to your wellbeing this year. Break the habit of overloading your schedule, as tempting as it may be to say yes to everything in typical Sadge style. A slower, more grounded pace will help you win the race in the long run (think tortoise and the hare). You're also feeling dryer under Saturn's influence, so be sure to hydrate with coconut water and get your 6-8 glasses of water per day. Cutting down on sugar is oddly easier than ever this year, and can drastically slow down the ageing process, so why not leave the biscuits in the their box? 

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