Sagittarius horoscope 2017

23 November - 22 december



The ongoing gifts of mastery, wisdom and maturity continue compliments of Saturn living in your stars since 2014. Owning your authority and knowing you're the real deal is second nature by now. 2017 is about taking your vision to the next level and creating the kind of platform that can sustain the test of time. No one can accuse you of being a Jack-of-all-Trades, Master of None these days. Sure, you're still untangling your ten thousand interests but you're creating a kind of alchemy that catapults you light years ahead of your competition. Embrace the passionate person you are because you have learned the fine art of streamlining and refining. You may have to trade your globetrotting tendencies for grounding and building your empire this year, but that's only a temporary sacrifice. Fame and fortune might come for you in 2017, with your ruler Jupiter bringing the goods to your popularity zone. Once October arrives, you'll be back to your jet-setting ways. You will in fact have it all this year, Sagittarius!


Love & Sex

Oh the places you'll go in your love life in 2017, Sagittarius! Love will find you, no matter what corner of the globe you find yourself in. You may be holding your breath, waiting for the other shoe to drop after so many unexpected plot twists in 2016. The wild ride does carry on this year, but with increased stability. You're a free spirit regardless of your relationship status, and you're finally learning to integrate and celebrate your inherent contradiction. You could teach others the art of loving without the fetters of attachment that kill your adventurous spirit. March and April's Venus Retrograde could turn your love life upside down or upside right depending on your current status. Falling in love with foreigners or in foreign lands is your bag forever, baby. This year (especially after October), it could feel like a monthly romantic comedy.

Career & Money

You are on a success binge and it shows, Sagittarius. You've been working like a dog to reach your limitless goals, and proving each and every naysayer wrong. Sure, limits are real, but you use them to support you rather than letting them block your stride. Time-management mastery and procrastination-avoidance serve you well. Big Daddy Saturn has taught you the power of prioritizing and sticking to your guns. Your endless interests AND being good at so many things used to be a problem. Now it's actually your ace, because you know how to funnel your talents into one awesome package. In 2017, you're ready to debut your new look (the one you started on nearly three years ago). Plus, the combo of travel and local success and celebration make for one glamorous and fabulous year all around.

Social Life

Friends are your lucky charms in 2017. They come baring gifts of opportunity and amazing connections for networking and success. You can thank Jupiter for working his fortune in your social zone until October. Doors seem to fly open at the perfect moment. All you have to do is show up! Take every social invite seriously during the first half of the year because you never know who you will meet, and chances are you'll meet just the right people at the right time in that brilliantly fated fashion. After October, you'll trade parties and networking for travel and escape. Of course this doesn't mean the end of your social high, only a change in scenery. Even while traveling abroad, you'll meet amazing people who have your best interests at heart. That's just the luck of the Sadge.

Health & Wellness

Congrats, Sadge—you've finally mastered the seemingly insoluble problem of pacing yourself. Now that you understand the pitfalls of overdoing it and have come to honor the necessity of keeping stress at a minimum, your nervous system loves you. Overkill is so 2016. Cutting back on travel has done wonders for improving your wellness, as you've finally been able to settle into some regularity and routines, which your body adores. This might go out the window after October, as travel picks up. But that certainly doesn't have to be the case. Why not take your regimens on the road with you? Cultivating discipline around wellness practices is an ongoing task, but with major payoffs on every level.

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