Scorpio horoscope 2016

24 October - 22 November



This is the year to take your financial goals to the next level. You're super security minded in 2016, Scorpio. Your natural resourcefulness serves you well during this time – you're building up a nice little nest egg. Keep your eye on January, February, June and July when Mars amps up your star sign. You'll have loads of discipline and energy to master the tougher challenges and finally get back on a regular physical plan. Your love life is dreamy and romantic in the best and worst of all possible ways. Illusion can be blissful or painful depending on how attached you get. Seeing the fantasy in the reality and the reality in the fantasy is your paradox for 2016. A lot of your wishes will come true, but you'll also realise you've outgrown many of the dreams that no longer have the necessary depth and substance you need. Foreign travel and soul work are your prescriptions from September onwards. Your friends and collaborators continue to be your lucky charms this year, so don't be afraid to reach out and ask for what you want and need.

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Love & Sex:

You're ready for the real thing this year, Scorpio. You're all or nothing to begin with, but if you don't feel the soulful longing that makes you feel like you've come home, you can't be bothered. You are ready for a partnership that embodies strength, intimacy, depth, sacred sex and someone who basically worships you from hello. If you're a single Scorp, let your friends fix you up this year because they definitely have the right connections. You'll have more than enough party opportunities in 2016 to up your chances for that one special encounter. Mars, your ruling planet, turns you into a mega-babe early in the year and then again in the summer, so work your femme fatale magic. Spring brings some fabulous love potential as well. April's Full Moon is super-charged and highly romantic for you. Mercury Retrograde hits your relationship zone in May. Expect an old flame to make an appearance, but mind your words to avoid misunderstandings and communication blowouts.



Your career prospects are off the charts this year, Scorpio. The year gets off to a fabulous start as January's Full Moon lights up the top of your chart and puts you on the map. You have it all going on when it comes to success, status and acclaim. Teaming up with the right people brings even more opportunity and potential to your projects, so choose carefully. You'll also have Mars giving you extra energy doses for four months of the year, including a very intense and rare Mars Retrograde in your stars in the spring. You'll cover so much career ground and take your work to the next level in 2016. Your motivation is killer and your sense of strategic timing couldn't be stronger.

Social Life:

Your tribe takes top priority in 2016, Scorpio. You're all about your friends and kindred souls this year and you can't live without them. You're true blue when it comes to your loyalty and devotion and that love is paying off. Collaborations play a strong role in your world this year as well, and you'll have people around you basically 24-7. This is challenging for the part of you that adores privacy, but it's a pretty awesome tradeoff. Expect your popularity to soar, compliments of Jupiter in your house of recognition through September. Plus, your friends totally want to see you thrive and reach your powerful potential, so don't be shy about asking for their support, testimonials and recommendations.

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Health & Wellness:

2016 is your year to get back on track when it comes to stellar health, Scorpio. You can finally stick to a physical routine that gets you back in top shape. You've had a lot of start up and quit over the past few years, so keeping steady is totally your aim. Mars will come to whip you into fabulous shape come early Jan, and will basically keep working you until the summer. Watch your nervous system, as you're more sensitive than usual to stress and strain. Keep healing herbs and balms on hand like Passion Flower, Lemon Balm and Tulsi. Remember to breathe deeply as you have a tendency to hold your breath more than most signs.

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