Scorpio horoscope 2017

24 October - 22 November



You will be the architect of your new life in 2017, Scorpio. There are enormous subtle forces at work bringing you endless power and success: the possibilities are endless. This spring brings a very intriguing plot twist to the romantic mix. Are you open for a new start either with an existing or former beau? Lucky Jupiter lights up your stars starting in October, getting the party started in earnest. The sky's the limit during the last quarter of the year. It's time to step up to owning your authority, influence and creative prowess. No hiding out in the shadows, darling. Pluto, your planetary ruler, has your back, giving you all of the courage and mojo necessary to transform every arena of your life. You're going from merely good or even great to absolutely stellar. You're forever tearing down and rebuilding the structures in your life, but this is the year for creating a reputation that is built to last. Note: you work best while improvising this year. You might even remember how to have fun and take life less seriously, compliments of the North Node in playful Leo shining at the top of your chart. When work is also pleasure, it's more meaningful all around.


Love & Sex

You're a ride or die romantic in 2017, Scorpio. Neptune, the planet of dreams and soul-mate level merging, continues to sweep through your romance realm for another year. If your lover doesn't live up to deified levels of amazing, your heart could break and shatter into a thousand pieces. But not to worry, you'll turn it into a work of art as per usual. The February eclipse patterns could feel like an instant love spell that puts you under a magical haze of adoration and obsession for the remainder of the year. Plus, spring packs a passionate punch, compliments of a Venus Retrograde from March to April. An old love story could return for another chapter, or you could revisit your favorite romantic themes with a new or current flame. In any case, the sparks are definitely flying. When Jupiter moves into your stars in October, you're simply irresistible. Single Scorpio status is probably not an option during the final few months of the year.

Career & Money

The financial lessons continue for one more year, Scorpio. Saturn, the Cosmic Taskmaster, continues to watch over your material reality like a hawk in 2017. You're learning the fine art of prioritizing both career and financial goals. Teaming up with genius financial planners and advisors is key to turning your passions and visions into a concrete, lucrative reality. You've hit enough walls to teach you that you have to pick your battles for the top spot. 2017 marks a breaking point on many levels. When Jupiter enters your stars in October, new worlds of endless possibility open up, including the potential for fame and fortune. This year's eclipses bring major career cache plus the requisite confidence to boot. Plus, once Jupiter moves into your stars this fall, you become a mega-Scorp! Magnetism, money and material awesome are yours for the taking.

Social Life

The first half of the year favours less socialising and more introspection. Unless of course, long-distance travel is involved. The further you are from home, the more expansive you feel when it comes to mixing and mingling. Your popularity is totally on the rise compliments of this year's eclipse patterns, lighting up the top of your chart. You're in the spotlight both personally and professionally and that guarantees a lot of attention and adoration all around. Of course you prefer privacy whenever possible, but the accolades and growing fan base could challenge your interior life. You'll have to fight for your alone time, especially after October. There will be so many clamoring for your attention. There are worse problems to have, so try to enjoy it.

Health & Wellness

Go for the triple-threat approach to your wellness in 2017, Scorpio. Detox, diet, and destroy bad habits on the daily. You're a master at shedding your old skin, and that means letting go of any and all rituals that don't support excellent health. Out with the ordinary and in with the extraordinary should be your mantra – on a cellular level. Your house of wellness comes up for review in March during the Venus retrograde, so make sure you're on top of your game with immune-boosting and extra beauty rest. Be sure to try Scorpio friendly nutrients in the form of fresh beet and pomegranate juice. De-stressing is also key, with an ongoing commitment to deeper breathing, stretching and slowing down in general.

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