Libra horoscope 2016

24 September - 23 October



2016 is the year of fabulous glamour! Balancing work and play are never easy, but you'll be happiest if you make time to do you for a change. You'll also long for plenty of excuses to travel, so have your passport at the ready. Relationships continue to be a constant source of testing. It's all about staying true to your word this year, no matter what. Say what you mean and mean what you say, even if you're afraid it will lead to conflict. Honesty is everything this year. Introspection, therapy, journaling and any other means of getting down to the bottom line of how your mind works are essential. You can't overdo the self-help theme in 2016, and it's wise to team up with someone powerful to get you to your true potential. Archaic but unresolved family issues could resurface at the start and finish of the year, so have that new therapist or life coach on call for support. This could be one of the most healing years in a long time, especially if you're open to a radical change of mind.

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Love and Sex:

You're not interested in being tied down unless it's in the bedroom, Libra. The free spirit in you rules and your rebellious impulses take over. You want things on your terms for a change. You've played the sweet, accommodating angel long enough. This doesn't mean you've sworn off a serious love life for good. You just want the power dynamics to equal out for a change. All could change around the rather illuminating Full Moon eclipse in your stars this March. Expect a radical shift in perspective around your relationship patterns. You're opening yourself up for a swoon-worthy love story that starts in April. By the end of September, you'll be clear about how far you want to go with the current relationship or what you want in your next one. If you're a free bird, you'll be open to dating again by the end of August. In any case, your alone time is your all and all, so learn to say no often.


Career & Money:

Motivation is at an all time low this year, Libra. It's not that you're lazy; it's just that you need a serious break to focus on your own healing for a change. In other words, the work can wait. You could feel extremely foggy at times and a bit overloaded – it's essential to take regular breaks throughout every single workday. Money is your main motivating force, especially if it's to save up for a big trip. Your best money mojo comes between January and March and then a second dose in the summer. Keep those months marked in your calendar to give yourself and extra push to make things happen. The payoff will be so worth it.

Social Life:

Your social life could be upstaged by family drama in 2016, Libra. In fact, you'll probably need your friends as an escape from all of the pressure at home. Issues that seemed buried long ago could resurface during January and then again at the very end of the year in December, when Mercury retrogrades through your family zone. Communication could be messy, mean and confusing so getting a mediator might be essential. Try to be extra patient when it comes to domestic drama this year. Your friends can totally help you make the great escape so plan plenty of vacations when you need a break. August is your best month for mixing and mingling.

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Health & Wellness:

Wellness is a huge factor in everything you do this year, Libra. Without feeling in tip-top physical shape, nothing else flows. Make this your number one priority by amping up the beauty sleep and vacations to rejuvenate – go for the spa kind! The stars are supporting your deep healing process this year. Lots of greens, and a strictly alkaline diet are the way to go. Avoid alcohol as much as possible and see how much better you feel. Water is also an essential, so get your six to eight glasses a day and add plenty of aromatherapy baths to the mix.

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