Libra horoscope 2017

24 September - 23 October



You can't help but catch the love buzz in 2017, Libra. Relationships and romance are your be-all-end-all this year. Yes, you live for relationships always, but the 2017 bonus is a potential for more balance and reciprocity in all of your one-to-ones. This spring's (March-April) Venus Retrograde is especially potent for your love story. Expect old flames to come crawling out of the woodwork, creating love triangles or other competitive plot-twists. Jupiter remains in your stars until October, keeping your lucky streak flowing. If you haven't gotten the travel bug out of your system yet, work your jet-setting prowess during the first half of the year. The second half of 2017 is ridiculously social; so much so that you'll have completely forgotten what it's like to have solo time to catch your breath and balance. You're a popular social butterfly, which makes it easier to dodge some of your crazier friends. The key is to avoid getting trapped doting on that one needy mate. After October, your money zone is on point. You can make serious , but perhaps not faster than you can spend. Beautiful objects are forever irresistible to you and that can do some damage to your wallet. The balance that you gained during the first half of 2017 is quickly swapped for decadence during the second. La Dolce Vita, baby!


Love & Sex

You've totally got it going on in the love and sex department in 2017, Libra – and it's not at all what you expect. The drama and plot twists are off the charts. At least you know you won't be bored or lonely. The big romantic news of the year is Venus Retrograde, taking place in your relationship zone from 4 March to 15 April. Reunions with former lovers are highly probable. Your love life has that fated feel, one that keeps you on your toes and your spine tingling. The best part is that your relationship karma is top notch straight through June, as Venus works her charms. Note: the wacky and unpredictable energy of Uranus continues to shake up your relationship department all year long.

Career & Money

No status quo for you, darling. You're here to spread your wings and fly in the career realm. Fortune comes naturally, thanks to lucky Jupiter continuing to shine his luck on your stars through 11 October. Long-distance travel brings professional prowess, so write off that trip to Goa this year. When it comes to risk-taking and gambling, Jupiter has your back for most of the year. However, the bigger money comes after your birthday. Your financial status is stellar for the last quarter and well into 2018. Just watch that your obsession with beauty and luxury don't break the bank. You could spend the cash as fast as it rolls in. Balance takes a backseat to indulgence when Jupiter enters Scorpio in October. Financial fabulousness is well, fabulous, but it can inspire some rather radical spending habits that do a number on any attempts to save money.

Social Life

Your friendship cast and crew is under rather radical revision in 2017, Libra. Some mates are on their way out but that's only to clear the space for those who better match your current life goals. Don't lament the loss, because the gain in quality people will more than make up for the change. You'll realize the necessity of the shift once you settle into your new social life later in the year. This year's eclipse patterns have a way of wildly altering the script and revealing secrets in your social arena: ones that can blow your mind. You're learning loads about the necessity of reciprocity. This is what keeps friendships in harmony. If you're the only one giving, accommodating and listening—what kind of friendship is it?

Health &Wellness

No more excuses, Libra—2017 is here and it's time to amp up your workout routine. You have the star backing to get into tip-top shape, so let's get to it! Now that you have more energy than you've had in years, why not put it into good use? You adore being your shapely best – it makes you feel beautiful from the inside out. You're only enemy is your sweet tooth. Venus forever inspires you to indulge in desserts and lounging, so you have to fight for your fitness, especially during the March/April retrograde. Once in motion, you feel amazing. Cinnamon and sage are excellent herbs for regulating your blood sugar, hormonal changes and cravings.

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