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24 August - 23 September



You've been extremely lucky or extremely deluded about relationships during the last few years, Virgo. This all depends on your perspective and your overall self-awareness, of course. With Neptune misting your partnership zone with a pretty pink fog since 2010, it's been quite hard to tell illusion from reality. But 2016 brings the wakeup call you've been waiting for, in the form of Cosmic Taskmaster Saturn. Getting serious about your closest relationships will bring you the clarity you so desperately need. Thanks to the eclipses in early spring and late summer, and Saturn and Neptune's intense square in June and September, you're finally figuring out where your partner ends and where you truly begin. This is life-changing and liberating, so don't resist it, even if it's scary at first. There will be FOUR retrogrades this year, starting almost the first moment 2016 begins. The first is from 5 to 25 January, the second from 28 April to 22 May, the third from 30 August to 21 September, and the final one from 19 December until the end of the year. All of these phases are potent moments meant for slowing down and contemplating the course of your life. Forget the usual neurotic frenzy – 2016's retrogrades are made for complete renewal.

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Love & Sex:

Old lovers can appear out of the blue just as the year begins. Don't be surprised if the first Mercury Retrograde of 2016 (starting on 5 January) brings a few unexpected texts from random exes. You're definitely working through some heavy stuff this year, in terms of disentangling yourself from old notions about love and relationships. It's time to stop being everyone's servant, Virgo – you must put yourself first, and you can learn to do that this year. If you let go of that old character you've been playing – let's call her "Nurse Virgo" – you'll suddenly begin to attract partners that are willing to serve you just as much as you want to serve them.


Career & Money:

With Jupiter continuing its journey through your own sign until the end of the summer, the first six months of 2016 are full on fabulous for your career. You're gaining attention and traction, and higher-ups are noticing you in your field. If it feels like you're living in a world of accolades but no actual action, just wait until the fall. That's when lucky Jupiter moves into your money zone, kicking your income up many notches. It may be a promotion or some freelance work, but you'll end 2016 on firm financial footing.

Social Life:

You're usually Ms. Practical Pants when it comes to choosing friends and associates, but Neptune has blurred your social boundaries in the last few years. You've joined up with some pretty "out there" people, which isn't a problem in itself – because expanding your spiritual horizons is always a good thing. The issue is that you've been too trusting, but that ends this year. Saturn will bring back your unceasing ability to analyze other people's intentions before getting too heavily involved in their schemes and dreams.

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Health & Wellness:

This year's overabundance of retrogrades could slow you down a bit, Virgo, but that's not such a bad thing. You're used to a frenetic pace, and your average day has more anxious moments than other sign's average years. With Mercury going in reverse four times in 2016 (see your overview for exact dates) you'll have the chance to get back in touch with your mind/body connection in every season. Because all the retrogrades take place in earth signs, spending time in nature is essential for your wellness this year. Consider taking your holidays at the beach or in the country, where you can put your bare feet on the ground and inhale the fresh air.

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