Virgo horoscope 2017

24 August - 23 September



Freedom is your clarion call this year, Virgo. What used to scare you now inspires you to take risks: it's a whole new world. 2017 totally redefines your relationship to money – in the most favourable terms possible. With Jupiter poised to increase your income exponentially through October, your financial safety net will be quite solid. The anxiety that typically accompanies paying bills and discussing your salary will begin to wane, because you know what you're worth and you're not afraid to make it known. The highest highs and lowest lows have punctuated your relationships over the last few years, thanks to a series of eclipses. Here's some beautiful news for 2017: the cycle finally ends on 26 February. The last eclipse in your partnership zone brings the conclusive evidence you need to make a decision about your love life. It might be a "Should I stay or should I go" moment – but whatever happens, your karmic slate will be clean and your self-esteem fully intact. Saturn's last year in your home zone will help you to integrate the lessons you've recently learned about home, family, and the importance of your ancestral roots. This is the perfect year to get your genes mapped. Your ruler Mercury goes retrograde four times this year: until 8 January, from 9 April to 3 May, 12 August to 5 September, and 2 to 22 December. Slow down and breathe deep during these phases – rushing will get you nowhere fast.


Love & Sex

You've been to hell and back for love in recent years, thanks to Neptune's long stay in your relationship zone. Not only that, since 2015 a series of eclipses has rocked and sorely tested your long-term partnerships. 2017 brings the resolution you've been waiting for, as the final eclipse seals the deal in late February. You know the truth about your lover, or your past lover(s) now, and that's what matters. For better or worse, if moving on is necessary – you're ok with that. Speaking of ex-lovers, between early March and mid-April, one or several could pop back out of the woodwork thanks to Venus Retrograde. Even if you're happily single, your bed is not necessarily empty this year. That's because rebellious Uranus and boundary-breaking Eris are close together in your house of sex for most of the year. You are a one-woman sexual revolution, Virgo – trying new things is highly recommended.

Career & Money

The stars declare that this is the year you make it big, Virgo. With Jupiter (the planet of luck, mind-expansion and opportunity) in your financial zone through October, you've got a once-in-twelve-years chance to increase your income. This might come from totally unexpected sources, so keep an open mind. In fact, learning could be key to improving your bottom line – expanding your skillset through an online class can bring the salary increase you're hoping for. In August an eclipse in your work zone might shake up your daily schedule – you might end up doing something you never thought you'd do. If you run your own business or make money off a personal brand, the last few months of the year will blow your mind. This is your key moment to add some sparkle to your online presence. With Jupiter moving into your communication zone in October, great publicity comes your way through 2018.

Social Life

Some of the tumult you've experienced over the last few years, thanks to Neptune and the ongoing eclipse cycle, has impacted your closest friendships. If communication with a long-time bestie has been compromised, revisit the relationship after the 26 February eclipse. You might find that both of you have moved past projection and resentment into a deeper understanding. When Saturn leaves your home zone at the end of December, you can deepen ties to close friends that feel like family. Any tests to your important relationships will show you who's got your back for the long haul. Fight to keep the people that matter in your life – don't risk losing a deep friendship on a silly technicality.

Health & Wellness

You're a bit of a delicate flower, Virgo, but this year the stars provide some much-needed heartiness. The 26 February eclipse is in your opposite sign, and this can this can trigger you, making you even more sensitive than usual. Prep for it a few weeks in advance by sticking to a strict sleep schedule and eating like you're training for a marathon. This is not the time of the year to go to hard with actual training, however – so focus on gentler practices like yoga and Pilates for now. The same theory applies to the Mercury Retrograde phases mentioned in the overview. The 7 August Lunar Eclipse hits your work/health zone, so it's essential to avoid stress. If there's nothing you can do about a crazy work schedule – at least indulge in daily self-care routines. After October you feel safe, secure, and stress-free at home – so spend lots of time on your sofa, without any guilt – astro-doctors orders.

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