Leo horoscope 2016

23 July - 23 August



Some years have less intense drama than others, and even though you have penchant for the theatrical, there's something to be said for the slightly quieter vibe that 2016 will bring. It's as if everything is happening onscreen instead of in real life – giving you space to consider your options before reacting. Emotional developments will be less explosive, taking place behind the scenes. It's a year of artistic cultivation and creation, as you create a major masterpiece in your medium of choice. Even if you're not quite ready to show off the goods until the fall, remember that your daily practice will amount to something spectacular. You continue to be a moneymaking machine through the summer months, Leo, so make the most of your amazing astro-aspects and grab that cash with both hands. Jupiter will spend the rest of the year in your communication zone, preparing you for a very big social media launch in 2017. Save some of your hard-earned money to hire a proper public relations pro, because you star power won't be held back much longer.

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Love & Sex:

Saturn might put what feels like a temporary damper on your flirting game until August. But the truth is that you're perfecting your skills so that you can make potential paramours dizzy with desire. Even if you have fewer specimens to experiment on during the first half of the year, the ones you do meet will be worth it – probably for more than one date. This is less of a Tinder year and more of a "Will you marry me?" year, Leo.


Career & Money:

There are four Mercury Retrograde phases this year, all of them taking place in stable earth signs, making you security-oriented instead of rash. You're more inclined to save than to spend, which is quite different for you. Reconsider recent professional decisions near the late April/May retrograde phase. Don't take any big risks or make any major career decisions during this time, if possible. Gently tweak your projects so they're even more spectacular when you finally put them out there in the summer and fall.

Social Life:

You've encountered quite a lot of change in the friendship realm in recent years, but there shouldn't be any unwanted surprises going forward. Jupiter moves into your communication zone in September, bringing sweetness, fun, expansion, and possibly a new circle of awesome companions. Mates that you've lost touch with can reappear, bringing garrulous laughter back into your life. You might find yourself posting selfies of your shared giggle fits like you're a teenager – with no regrets. 

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Health & Wellness:

If you partied too hard on New Year's Eve 2015 you might regret it early this year, as Mercury will be retrograde in your health zone in early January. Moderation is key, Leo. The good news is that you can heartily apply yourself to any wellness-oriented resolutions and get on track for the remainder of the year. With Saturn in your creativity zone, it's fundamental to make a weekly "artist's date" with yourself so that your confidence remains high. Believing in yourself and cultivating your dreams is the key to robust health – almost as much as getting to the gym at least three times a week. Hydration is key, because Saturn is very drying. Drink loads of water and moisturize like it's your job. 

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