Leo horoscope 2017

23 July - 23 August



2017 has arrived, and it's about to deliver some of the most powerful, life-shifting astrology you've experienced in decades. No matter your age, the eclipses in February and August hearken back to events that transpired approximately 18 years ago. Get ready to transform at the cellular level, Leo, because the Lunar Eclipse in your own sign will bring a major reckoning. Your core self and your relationships are shifting in a profound way – get ready to be the person you're meant to be. These are NOT cosmetic changes – they're deeper than the deepest depths. Cosmic forces are also conspiring to push your creativity to the stratosphere in 2017, Ms. Kitty. You've been proceeding at a slow and steady pace – a bit out of character for your typically fiery style. But in the final year of Saturn's transit through your pleasure zone, you're hitting your stride. By December, when this challenging phase ends, you'll know exactly where you stand – and who should stand beside you. Home is where your heart longs to be after October, when lucky Jupiter moves into your domestic zone. Get ready to move, renovate or redecorate – or at least spend lots of quality time chilling at home – with the people you love.


Love & Sex

You're more than ready for some major action in the sex department, as Saturn may have slightly slowed your libido in the last year or so. Your craving for love, romance and pleasure – with a side order of adventure – will reach a crescendo this year. When the Lunar Eclipse hits your own sign on 10 February, you'll feel like all your superficial assumptions about your relationships are instantly stripped away. Your basic instincts are kicking in and you will demand that partners step up – and be brutally honest. By the time the next eclipse comes home to Leo on 21 August, you'll have experienced a nineteenth century novel's worth of dramatic, romantic swings. But the denouement arrives by late summer, and it's delicious. Saturn moves out of your love zone in December, juicing up any remaining dry patches in your dating life.

Career & Money

You're honing your creative instincts this year – finding the balance between your natural gifts and the output you produce. At times you may feel a bit restrained – as if the muse is holding back – but that's just Saturn showing you how to make your best ideas work. It's a matter of offering the world the best that you've got instead of everything at once. A business partnership could next-level your professional life near the 7 August eclipse. You're getting some mixed messages – do you go it alone or forge alliances with someone in your field? Trust your instincts, Leo – especially if a boss or long-time partner wants to quit. You're able to handle a lot more than you think all on your own. When lucky Jupiter moves into your domestic zone in October, you might even consider leaving a cushy office job to work at home – full-time.

Social Life

The planets are keeping you very busy this year, Leo – at least on Facebook and Instagram. Your likes and followers are growing exponentially as your verbal skill set reaches a peak. Jupiter will make you a stunning speaker, writer and all-around genius when it comes to Twitter quips – people will take notice and this can translate to real-world friendships. With Saturn spending the first eleven months of the year in your dating zone, you might be less inclined to swipe right and more inclined to rely on your old-school besties for advice and setups. These 4 am friends are totally there for you this year – and you for them. You're feeling a sense of maturity set in – but by the end of 2017, you'll know that being an adult can still be lots of fun. If you're looking for wild partners in crime, you can find them on holiday – you're at your most radical whilst far from home.

Health & Wellness

The Cosmic Taskmaster has gotten you to focus on your heart's desires with serious intent, and that's encouraged less partying in recent years. That trend will continue in 2017, preparing you Saturn's entry into your work/health zone in December. Note that the eclipses on 10 February and 7 and 21 August could be a bit jarring – so plan to take even better care of yourself than usual. Get extra sleep instead of relying on caffeine, and load up on immune boosting green veggies and adaptagenic herbs. With Uranus and Eris close together in a sister fire sign all year, you're burning through so much creative energy that it might make you feel thirsty – quite literally. Make sure to stay hydrated, especially when tasked with critical creative projects.

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