Cancer horoscope 2016

22 June - 22 July



2016 will have a distinctly different feel than the previous few years. Gone is the rocking, rollicking, anything-might-happen vibe of the 2012 - 2015 era. You're still undergoing a long-term transformation to your relationships, thanks to Pluto, but it shouldn't upend your life without warning as it has recently. Be grateful for the lessons you've learned about one-to-one partnerships and put them to work, Cancer. Your daily life is where the real substance is this year – you're figuring out the true meaning of work/life balance thanks to Saturn. It's extremely important not to get stressed out to the point of losing sight of what's most important – your health. You'll learn to value the importance of getting your eight hours of beauty sleep. The better your treat the temple of your body, the sharper your mind will be, allowing you to accomplish more than you have in eons. Efficiency will come easily to you – especially if you commit to a regular meditation routine.


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Love & Sex:

Your long-term partnerships have been under Pluto's intense tutelage since 2008 and this trend will continue through the 2020's. But now that Saturn is finally and officially done with your romance zone (for the next thirty years) you can start having fun again. In fact, you MUST, Cancer. Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the planet in charge of passion and attraction, will conjoin in your pleasure zone this summer. If you're planning for a sexy holiday tryst or accepting (perhaps making?) a marriage proposal, July will be absolutely magical.


Career & Money:

Work is piling up thanks to the multiple projects that you're juggling this year. There might be a bit of feast or famine in the spring, especially if you're a freelancer. This slight slowdown might compel you to work even harder, gathering multiple gigs in the fall. Just remember that the work will always be there and you certainly don't have to exhaust yourself seeking it, just to satisfy your unending need for financial security. Saving is important, but it's not everything. Believe in your abilities, Cancer, and the perfect job will follow.

Social Life:

This year will be punctuated by four, count 'em FOUR Mercury Retrograde phases. That's relatively rare, and likely to cause a lot of communication chaos if you're not careful. Pay special attention to the retrograde phase that begins in late April and lasts through May. This one will hit your house of friendship and could throw some of your usually solid relationships into a bit of a tailspin. Listen before you react. Otherwise your closest allies should remain in good stead throughout 2016.

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Health & Wellness:

Thanks to Saturn's position, this part of your chart remains a key placement for you this year. You might find yourself suddenly experimenting with every holistic healing modality possible in order to achieve the perfect state of health. If you experience any fatigue, aches and pains, or digestive issues, immediately look to the stressors in your life and remove them, one by one. Yoga, meditation, breath work, acupuncture and clean eating can heal you fast, so consider the natural route before popping any pills. 

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