Cancer horoscope 2017

22 June - 22 July



Welcome to 2017, Cancer – the year of making it big. Financial security is something you've always taken seriously, but this year, you stop worrying and start getting ahead in earnest. A series of eclipses in February and August bounce back and forth between your house of earning and your house of debt, helping you to clear the slate and start fresh. If you owe someone something – even if it's not money in the strictest sense – your karma gets a fresh start this year. You might finally get paid back for a loan you generously made a long time ago, or similarly pay back a debt you've had on your shoulders for way too long. Either way, it'll set you free to earn your due – and then some. There's a powerful emphasis on home and family through October – thanks to Jupiter's presence in your house of domestic affairs. The first nine months of the year are ideal for moving to a new place, selling your current digs, or buying something new and amazing. If you're not planning a move you might simply be thinking about renovating or redecorating – this is the best opportunity in twelve years to make your home into the stylish sanctuary you've dreamt of.


Love & Sex

You just passed the halfway mark for the long and sometimes agonizing transformation of your relationships courtesy of Pluto. It moved into your partnership zone in 2008 and will remain there until 2024, but you're finally on the other side of the hardest part. The rest of the journey is all up, Cancer – you're a master of dating, mating and relating now. You're lucky you've been through this ordeal, in many ways, but by the time Saturn comes to this part of your horoscope at the end of 2017 it'll be no big deal. Even though Saturn transits are often challenging, you're likely to ace yours without even lifting a finger. Doing the relationship thing, communicating, loving another person as deeply and purely as you want to be loved – it's second nature now. But even if you're not thinking about deep, significant partnerships the stars bring you ample goodies this year. Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, is moving into your house of pleasure and romance in October. Yes, Cancer – that's exactly as good as it sounds. Even better, it'll bless this part of your horoscope for a whole year.

Career & Money

Your career is incredibly interesting this year, Cancer – you definitely won't experience the same old, same old professional track. With Uranus and Eris, both planets of rebellion, hanging close together at the top of your chart, you're ready to rule the world, but not in the traditional way. Watch for a big shift in the late winter and early spring, when Venus is retrograde in this part of your horoscope. It might feel like some old part of your professional identity is peeling away, or perhaps you're ready to revisit an artistic dream you shelved years ago – because it seemed way too impractical. Either way, your fortunes are likely to shift near the eclipses in February and August – in a profound, life-changing way.

Social Life

Your dream is coming true – you don't necessarily have to leave your house to socialise for the better part of the year. You can thank Jupiter, the planet of expansion, for bringing your friends over for dinner parties early and often. With this auspicious planet hovering in your home zone though October, everyone will WANT to be at your place. It'll be easier to lure your bestie over if you just can't take the idea of putting on makeup and shoes. Bonus: you can collect loads of likes and Insta followers this year, and make more meaningful connections across digital lines. Your busiest time of the year for going out is typically late May and June, and it's no different in 2017.

Health & Wellness

You've gotten quite serious about your health in recent years, committing to losing weight, eating healthy, and working out regularly. If you haven't yet stepped up to the plate, you've likely been thinking about it since 2015 or so. This is the year that you next-level your fitness routine, hitting the equivalent of a runner's high no matter what your preferred method of getting sweaty. If you've neglected your body's needs, don't wait for a wakeup call – get on it before Saturn leaves your health zone at the end of 2017.

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