Gemini horoscope 2016

22 May - 21 June



Welcome to the most rewarding year of your life in the last decade, Gemini. Between 2012 and 2015 you were mildly obsessed with your career and other worldly pursuits. You were focused like a laser beam on acquiring professional accolades and Instagram followers. Now you're ready to take a good, hard look within, so that you can heal and grow your most important relationships. In order to do that, you must go back to your origins, and Mercury, your ruling planet, will lead the way. There will be FOUR retrogrades this year, starting almost the first moment 2016 begins. You'll pull back the lens of your life from 5 to 25 January, again from 28 April to 22 May, again from 30 August to 21 September, and FINALLY from 19 December until the end of the year. That's a lot of time spent in review, but trust that this is exactly what you need to next level your life. The requisite data-backup and schedule-checking must happen during retrograde phases, but the investigation must go much deeper this year – far beyond the superficial. When Jupiter moves into a sister air sign in September, both your love life and your creative powers quadruple.

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Love & Sex:

There are two major forces at work in your love life this year, Gemini, and they're a bit oppositional. On one hand you have Saturn, the Cosmic Taskmaster, in your relationship zone all year. This brings a serious tenor to your one-to-one partnerships, making you feel like you're quite possibly prepared for a real adult commitment. You're finally ready to make up your mind! On the other hand, lucky Jupiter blows into your romance zone in September, bringing back that old flirtatious feeling – you might not be able to stop yourself from at least checking out the available specimens. Note that Jupiter's transit through your relationship zone will ignite your passions between March and May, potentially bringing old lovers back into your life starting in mid-April.


Career & Money:

Think back to March of last year – did a Very Big Business Idea occur to you right around that time? If so, go back to your notes, Gemini, because you can launch it in 2016. There will be a total Solar Eclipse on 8 March, throwing the doors of opportunity WIDE open. Something really impressive (and lucrative) could happen within six months. Even if you don't think you had much in the way of groundbreaking ideas in 2015, there's something bubbling up in you now. When Jupiter moves into your creativity zone in September, your strategic brilliance is magnified.

Social Life:

This is where your life has been almost too exciting in recent years. Uranus has been in your networking zone since 2011, bringing loads of new (and sometimes wild) people into your life. You've made many interesting friends and found some awesome followers. However this year you're less interested in quantity and more interested in quality. Tend to the relationships you already have instead of collecting more fans.

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Health & Wellness:

With Saturn sitting in opposition to your Sun all year, you should fine-tune your workout strategy in 2016. You might wake up some days and feel like your vitality is close to nil, but that should just be a reason to get to the gym sooner. Be careful of fitness routines that are hard on your bones like running – try to get a yoga session in at least once a week to stay lithe and limber. Your sign rules the lungs, so breathing deep and long is essential at all time – even when you're not on the mat.

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