Gemini horoscope 2017

22 May - 21 June



It's anchors away for 2017 – and you can't wait to jump ship from the previous year. Dive in slowly at first, because Mercury, your ruling planet, will remain in retrograde through the first week of January. This means that you'll have some extra time padded into your prep for the coming year – use it to hone your resolutions to perfection. This will be the final, full year of Saturn's journey through your relationship zone. Your most challenging partnership lessons have already been learned, but there could be a few final bits of data to assimilate in the coming year. Be open to what the universe wants to teach you, Gemini – because what you resist persists. You've got such amazing creative juju in your horoscope through October that you'll be able to use it for whatever ails you – so take your angst and make it into art. Eclipses in February and August will shift your communication strategy – helping you to make your words more meaningful. Since you're such a genius when it comes to self-expression, talking and writing come more easily to you than to others, and sometimes you can gloss over the meatier stuff. Look to the eclipses to help you push to a deeper level, and leave any superficiality behind. You can mine the deeps while simultaneously keeping track of the data.


Love & Sex

You continue to learn emotional fluency this year, and even though these lessons can sometimes hurt, the results are worth it. By the time Saturn leaves your relationship zone at the end of 2017, you'll understand yourself – and your current or future partner – so much better. Even if you have to spend some time alone this year, you can do so with an open heart. But there's good news on this front too: if you don't have a long-term relationship right now (or if you've recently broken up) Jupiter will keep you busy. You might not want anyone to put a ring on it, but the luck planet will keep you swiping and casually dating through October. F-U-N is the keyword – you needn't get too serious, at least for now, Gemini.

Career & Money

With a series of eclipses finishing up in your career zone in February, you're a rebel with a very serious cause: complete world domination. You're climbing to the top but you're not doing it in the usual way, not by any means. Disruption is your middle name, and you'll ride the tide of radical innovation all the way to the corner office. You are NOT risk-averse in 2017, but you should try to at least have a net to catch you if you fall. If you decide to suddenly shift into a different profession (seemingly out of nowhere) make sure you've saved a few months of salary (preferably up to six) before you take the leap.

Social Life

Your social life will NOT be boring this year, Gemini! With Uranus (planet of surprises) and Eris (the goddess of revolution) close together in your house of friends, you're about to meet some very, very interesting people. From January through October, romance and creativity blend seamlessly with your very active social schedule. Both online and off, you'll keep busy fielding invites to extraordinary events. Hint: If you're in a long-term relationship, don't let your partner keep you from your friends this year – it can cause major tension.

Health & Wellness

"Treat your body, tweak your mind" should be your mantra in 2017. Your creativity is turned on full volume for most of the year, and that's awesome all around. But if focus all your energy on your brain's faculties, you'll run out of juice fast. Maintain that furious pace by eating loads of leafy greens and taking regular activity breaks. When you start to get neurotic, do something simple like going for a walk – it can instantly clear your mind. Mercury Retrograde phases can drag you down a bit, so take good care of yourself in early January. Additional retrograde phases to note: from 9 April to 3 May, 12 August to 5 September, and 2 to 22 December. Ample TLC is required during these stressful phases.

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