Taurus horoscope 2016

21 April - 21 May



With an almost historic number of retrogrades rocking your world this year, you'll be able to move slowly and languidly through life. What could be better, Taurus? Even more interesting is that Mercury will retrograde exclusively through earth signs like your own, once each season. There will be lots of backtracking, reexamination, and careful analysis of decisions and commitments from the past, especially near your birthday in May. Last year your ruler Venus went through an awkward retrograde, making you a bit uncomfortable in your own skin, but in 2016 you're spared that particular cosmic microscope. Note that with Mars retrograde in your relationship zone for most of the spring and summer, you might feel a bit confused about partnerships – both romantic and professional. It's more than okay to take your time – make sure that everything is right before you commit to any kind of long-term venture.

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Love & Sex:

Mars, the planet of passion, opens the year in your relationship zone and remains there through August, with a brief break in the spring. You might feel strangely aggressive when it comes to partnerships, snapping at your significant other when you're not busy jumping his bones. It's hard to know where your annoyance ends and your attraction begins, Taurus. This should help you burn through any confusion about what you really want – but make sure not to be passive-aggressive – openly aggressive is better for now. When Venus trines Mars in July, your motto is: "The more I get, the more I want." But when the planet of love conjuncts Saturn in November, your libido might plummet for a bit. Don't worry – it's only temporary.


Career & Money:

With Saturn in your house of "other people's money" this year, it's necessary to be totally on top of your bills like never before. Accruing any new debt can be dangerous for your overall wellbeing, while paying off old debts can be extremely rewarding. Your career booms in late January and February, right after the first Mercury Retrograde of the year. Jump on the New Moon in your professional zone on 8 February – it's super auspicious to launch new projects now.

Social Life:

It might be well past time to let an old, toxic friendship go this year, Taurus. You hate to do this, because you really adore hanging onto everything long past its due, but the Solar Eclipse in your house of friends in early March signals an opportunity to release an old burden. At the same time, you might connect with a new (and awesome) social circle that has the power to utterly transform your life and self-esteem. Six months later, at the Lunar Eclipse in the same part of your chart, you'll revisit these important relationships.

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Health & Wellness:

The eclipse cycle of the last few years (in effect since 2013) has brought some ups and downs for your health. You've moved in and out of high and low-energy phases, Taurus, but now everything should be far more stable. After one last Lunar Eclipse in your health and work zone on 23 March, you're done with this rocky, stressful phase. Make sure to treat your body with the utmost TLC before and after this eclipse – and try to avoid overworking at all costs. Express yourself at all costs, even if that just means writing in your journal. Holding back your feelings can cause sore throats and low immunity.

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