Taurus horoscope 2017

21 April - 21 May



You've made it through the morass of 2016 and have emerged intact on the other side, Taurus. Instead of focusing on how awful the past year was, 2017 invites you to dive right in to its ample delights. That is, after Mercury goes direct on 8 January. Good news: you have at least a week to slip into your New Year's resolutions. The coming year has a dominant theme: your work must be meaningful and rewarding. If your daily activities don't somehow support your worldview, you might end up feeling deeply disconnected – and seriously bored. Find a way to merge your income with your life's direction this year, because it can change everything for you, Ms. Bull – EVERYTHING. Eclipses in February and August highlight the split, if any, between your career ambitions and your domestic life. Achieving a satisfactory work/life balance is more than merely a suggestion in 2017 – it's a stress-obliterating necessity. Saturn will spend one more year in your transformation zone, helping you to dissolve the boundaries in your most intimate relationships. If your sex life has been a bit boring in the last few years, the stars will help you bring the spark back, and to sustain it for the long-term.


Love & Sex

Here's where your life gets really interesting, Taurus. Saturn has been in your intimacy zone for more than a year, and it may have made you feel less than lucky in lust. But you've learned some important lessons about desire, and now you're ready to put them to work. With Jupiter keeping your health super robust, you have loads of energy for your lover – or finding a new one if you're single. Yes, Taurus – your sex life can go from lazy to practically athletic during the first part of the year. Even better news – your relationships get a once-in-twelve-years boost come October, when Jupiter moves into your partnership zone. This is an excellent development – both for nurturing those relationships that already exist, and bringing someone new into your life if you're single.

Career & Money

2017 brings major changes to your professional life, Taurus. If you've stuck it out on a boring yet reliable job, you can make the leap to work you love this year. Trust that with Jupiter in your work zone through October, your responsibilities will expand. You may be busier than you've been in years, but it's likely to involve meaningful, creative projects. The big transformation comes near 7 August, when a Lunar Eclipse hits your career zone. This is when you can change gears in a major way, making a huge splash in your arena of choice. Dare to dream HUGE.

Social Life

Pay attention to Solar Eclipse on 26 February. Within a month of this event (either before or after) there could be a big shift in your social life. It might be that someone new and amazing comes into your life, bringing opportunity after opportunity. Just as likely is that a friend or group of friends will be eclipsed for good reasons – perhaps their presence in your life has lost its value. This may have been building for a few years already – this is the final eclipse in a series. Know that these changes are happening for a reason – one that will help you connect a girl-squad you'll never want to part with.

Health & Wellness

Because advancing your career is at the very core of your being in 2017, you can quickly lose sight of the necessity of downtime. Your mission will be to figure out how to work hard, yet to recognize when your body needs to recharge. This might be challenging under deadline pressure during the winter and summer, thanks to the eclipses, so schedule in relaxation techniques – deep breathing exercises and sleep hygiene are essential. This all gets easier after October, when Jupiter moves into your health zone, helping you to balance work and wellness routines. This is when you'll start to look forward to going to the gym instead of dreading it.

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