Aries horoscope 2016

21 March - 20 April



2016 is so jam-packed with transformation that it might be hard to get a grip, Aries. At times all this change will be so subtle that you might not even realize that it's happened until you're already on the other side of it. You can thank the ongoing Saturn/Neptune square for this intense astro-influence, one that will work major magic on your psyche and change your worldview at the root level. Brilliant news: the eclipse cycle that's rocked your relationships since 2013 FINALLY ends this spring. March's Lunar Eclipse marks a huge moment in your life. You've finally cut out old, toxic partnerships and are ready to move on to the new – on the karma front and elsewhere. There are four Mercury Retrograde phases this year (the first starts basically after your New Year's brunch, so back up your data posthaste). You'll spend much of the year looking to the past to course-correct in the present, but this will help you stay grounded – and make a nice stash of cash to put away for a rainy day. Your ruler Mars is SUPER active all year, keeping your passions alive and your blood flowing fast and hard. By the end of this year you'll be an entirely different person who feels a lot more like a full grown adult (no matter your age). Yet even with this renewed maturity, your fiery instincts still rule.

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Love & Sex:

Of all the different arenas of your life, this is where you'll see the hottest action this year. This is thanks to Mars, your planetary ruler, who will spend January through August in your sexuality zone (except for a brief break from March to May). While the planet of passion is retrograde in this part of your chart in the spring, do not be surprised by the parade of old lovers that suddenly queue up at your door, waiting (not so patiently) to return to your bed. The Lunar Eclipse in your relationship zone at the end of March shows you whom you're truly meant to be with – for better or worse. In September you'll welcome lucky Jupiter into your relationship zone, so many Rams will be tying the knot by mid-2017.


Career & Money:

Your career is fairly stable this year, Aries. You know exactly the mark you want to make on the world and you've already set yourself to the task of making it big. Mercury will retrograde in your house of daily scheduling in late August and September – you might hear from some old employers about freelancing opportunities. The Solar Eclipse in your work zone on 1 September can have you so stressed out that you might entirely forget to sleep. You're working this hard for an important cause, but don't completely abandon work/life balance to meet your goals. Business partnerships shine after Jupiter moves into Libra in September – collaboration is where it's at.

Social Life:

You're so focused on love, romance and sex this year that you might neglect your besties because you're spending too much time on Tinder. Know who truly has your back and don't abandon these steadfast mates for a bit of nookie, Aries – it's not worth it. If a friend sees you going down a bad path (perhaps with a bad boy) listen to her wise counsel. You're crazy popular in late January and February and can collect an inordinate amount of followers on Instagram by just being your fiery self, no holds barred.

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Health & Wellness:

With Mars so potent all year, making aspects with Neptune (in January), Venus (in July), Saturn (in August), and Mars/Pluto (in October) – there's simply no rest for the weary this year. You'll be on the go constantly, expending what feels like all your energy on a daily basis. That's why it's absolutely essential for you to get proper sleep, stay hydrated, and exercise daily – like it's your job. You're burning the candle at both ends, so you have to practice self-care to make up for it. Your health is a bit sensitive near all the eclipses. Be good to your body in early and late March, and early and mid-September.

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