Aries horoscope 2017

21 March - 20 April



You've never been so ready to ignite the revolution, Aries. You were born a leader, and you're usually upfront, directing the show, in any given situation. But in 2017, you won't even wait for a group to assemble, waiting for your signal – you are a walking spark of radicalism this year. Better yet: the world is finally ready for you. With Uranus (the planet of instant change) and Eris (the goddess of mold-breaking) close together in your own sign, you are anything but boring during the next twelve months. In fact, if you don't make major waves, it could drive you a bit batty. Honor your creativity, your dreams, your passion and your fire, Ms. Ram, or someone could get hurt. It is essential to listen to the directive of your heart and soul this year – more than ever. With Jupiter in your relationship zone through October, you're lucky in love, and you're likely to attract someone totally different than your usual type. If you're in a long-term partnership, expect the unexpected from your lover this year. In fact, you should demand it – or you might be tempted to look elsewhere for excitement. You continue to refine your life's mission statement, thanks to Saturn – by the time 2018 arrives, you'll be more than apply your personal and political philosophy to work you do out there in the world. Best news of all – you can make a major difference in people's lives.


Love & Sex

Jupiter (the planet of luck, expansion and auspiciousness) moved into your relationship zone in the fall of 2016, and it will bless this part of your horoscope through October. This is an amazing once-in-twelve-years opportunity, Aries – the stars are bringing you a higher love in 2017. If you're single and dating, expect big changes, because a series of eclipses in February and August can totally shake things up. Your radical vision of a brand new life is likely to seep into the direction you swipe on Tinder – and you might just find that you've got a lot more opportunities than in previous years. Remain a bit constrained in March and the first half of April – while Venus is retrograde in your sign. Ex-lovers WILL show up in your social feeds now – be wary of reuniting. As for your sex life, the stars will keep it so hot that you could get burned – so try to keep a smidgen of restraint (but just a smidgen). This increases intensity after October.

Career & Money

You may have to wait until the end of the year for your biggest ship to come in, but in the meantime you'll be stoking creative fires all over the place – and these can translate directly into some serious cash. Use your astro-mojo to take one of your most inspired ideas – even if it seems "out there" – to the next level. Just wait until after Venus Retrograde in Aries – from 4 March to 15 April. By December Saturn will move into your career zone, helping you to get super serious about your rise to the top. Whatever your field, within a few years you'll be the equivalent of the big boss soon enough – pace yourself.

Social Life

This is where your life really takes off this year. Your relentless curiosity about the way the world works has pushed you to meet more people and see more places – at least it should have by now. If not, Saturn will remain in the international zone of your chart for one more year, challenging you to point to a random spot on the world's map and say, "Next, please." Eclipses in your house of friends in February and August could change the terrain of some of your close relationships within your girl-squad. Any shifts will show you just who your real friends are, Aries – the ones that will stand by you as you become the leader you were meant to be.

Health & Wellness

Leading the way has its limits, Aries – and it can be mega-stressful on your body. This year you're in "can't stop, won't stop" mode, and this relentless drive can take a toll if you're not careful. It is essential, no matter how hard you're working, to get enough sleep at night – shut off your gadgets at a normal hour no matter what kind of deadlines you've got. When Venus is retrograde in your sign in March and April, it's even more important to have a regular rotation of self-care rituals at the ready. If you don't do this you'll feel haggard, and you might worry that you look at that way too. Just don't book any major treatments (botox, fillers, or even major changes to your hair) until the planet of beauty goes direct. It's totally legit to get a birthday makeover or blowout – just don't make big changes.

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