Pisces horoscope 2016

​20 February - 20 March



Your overall success and happiness levels are stellar in 2016. No more hiding behind the scenes, Pisces – drop the veils and reveal your authentic self. You have worked yourself to the bone for the past seven years and now it's time to stand in your glory and celebrate all that you have created. You're constantly shifting your identity (and style), but this year is full of so much constant permutation that you may not even recognise yourself by the end. With the South Node of the Moon in your stars all year long, you're releasing the parts of your past that no longer serve you. This huge letting go and dissolving process goes on all year. Relationships continue to play a primary role with the strong energy of Jupiter and the North Node in your house of partnerships. The key is to stay grounded in the day-to-day and not lose yourself completely (except of course when you want to). Keeping your calendar tight and orderly will help you with this process – or just hire an assistant.

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Love & Sex:

You've got a whole lotta love coming your way in 2016, Pisces. Your romantic life could not be more pronounced. Relationships play a key role all the way through September, thanks to lucky Jupiter. In fact, it may be hard to focus on anything other than the constant love buzz you're feeling. If you haven't yet found The One, your soul might send you on journeys of endless longing in the form of mushy journal entries and uncontrollable weeping while watching rom-coms. In any case, love is so on your side in 2016, darling. Mark the months of March and June as especially amorous.


Career & Money:

Saturn, the Cosmic Taskmaster, is pushing you on to greater levels of success and popularity as he continues to hang out in your career zone all year long. The limelight is fabulous but won't come without its fair share of responsibility. You'll feel the need to work hard and use your time wisely more than ever this year. Remaining humble and grateful comes easily to you, and these qualities are your best assets during this time of increased notoriety. You're in it to build a reputation that's not only inspiring, but built to last. 

Social Life:

Your social life and your career are one this year, Pisces. In fact, you may have a hard time separating business from pleasure. You are in such a serious relationship mode, yet business is also non-stop. It makes sense that a merger is somewhat inevitable. You'll have to work at keeping a more balanced interplay between self and others this year. It's too easy to give all that you've got (and more) to both your friends and your partners. As always, boundaries and limits don't necessarily come naturally to you, but they certainly are your best friends, so start building them from the get-go.

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Health & Wellness:

You're one of the most energetically-sensitive signs of the zodiac, Pisces. Not to mention with Neptune in your stars for the past few years, you're getting more delicate by the day. This affects your health and wellbeing, so take proper precautions. Eat whole foods that ground, nurture and protect you. Plus, Epsom salt baths with essential oils like lavender, vetiver and rosemary can change everything after a stressful day. You're like a psychic sponge, so you need plenty of spa days to wash off the muck. Make your own nightly rituals if you can't book weekly appointments.

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