Pisces horoscope 2017

20 February - 20 March



Your glamorous star is on the rise in 2017. All the changes and shape-shifting are finally starting to take gorgeous form. If you've felt like your ship has been tossed around in the sea of constant unknowns, this is the year when you finally land in your dream harbor. Relationships are deeper and more healing than ever and your sensitivity no longer feels like a curse. You are living the dream life, Pisces, both while awake and while asleep. Now that you no longer need to escape into a fantasy world to feel like you're in your element, you can do what you do best: create magic everywhere you go. Venus starts the year off in your stars and takes a sweet, extended stay in Pisces compliments of her rare but potent retrograde phase. Love, beauty and money are highlighted for the first quarter of the year, so dive in. If you feel you're on the precipice of one chapter (or perhaps more like a book) ending and another beginning this year, you're right in tune with the stars. Even better: you may suddenly break on through to the other side. This could be one of the most creative and inspired years you've had in decades. You're waking up to who you truly are and that will reverberate through every life arena. 26 February brings the final eclipse in a series that's gone on for the last few years: but it's just the beginning of what you've been waiting for.


Love & Sex

Finding your dream lover is a never-ending quest (even when you actually have an earthly partner). That's because you're an incurable romantic and no human relationship will ever live up to the one in your limitless imagination. In any case, you can't be bothered with anything that smacks of the shallow or the tepid when it comes to love this year. If you've been neglecting your needs to keep the "other" content, this is the year your soul will command you to stand up and speak out. You'll have the extended gift of the goddess of beauty and love in your stars in 2017 (in January, for a minute in February, and again in April). The Venus Retrograde is especially significant for reworking your love life in the spring. You will gain tremendous clarity about what you value and what you need going forward. And don't be shocked if a coterie of old lovers show up to court you again, via every single social feed. He's liking your Instagram because he wants to date you again – don't even question it.

Career & Money

As much as you try to fend off worldly pressures or concerns, you can no longer ignore the demands of your career. Saturn is pushing you to grab the brass ring this year, even if that means getting out of bed earlier than you wish to. You must keep up with the demands of your onslaught of projects in 2017. It's one of those no rest for the wary modes, but it will pay off, Pisces. You're also uncovering new talents you never realized you could turn into cash cows. When Venus moves into your money zone in February, you'll not only be a moneymaking maven, but you'll attract more beauty and luxury on the daily. Let the world take notice of that special spark and matchless empathy you bring to everything you touch. Long-distance travel is your lucky secret after October so never turn down a chance to jet. If you're tempted to gamble with your career, throw those wild instincts into a cross-country adventure instead.

Health & Wellness

Staying well should be your number one priority this year and every year, Pisces. It's the only way the rest of your magic works. This could be one of the most active and aggressive years you've had in ages. That said, you'll need all your grounding tools to stay in your body instead of floating off into the ether. Root veggies and patchouli oil are helpful, and regular eating and sleeping schedules are crucial to your optimal wellness. Quality time and affection from friends and family are your top immune boosters, so don't skimp out. Brain fog continues to be your constant battle. Upping the caffeine might seem like a quick fix, but isn't worth the long-term backlash of potential adrenal fatigue. You're better off inhaling essential oils that keep you focused: try bergamot and cedarwood. Regular salt baths are also key to removing all the energy you pick up throughout the day, being the psychic sponge you are, Pisces.

Social Life

Your social life and life goals have been one of the longest, ongoing works in progress imaginable. That's because Pluto has been working on uncovering every aspect, layer by layer since 2008. By the time he leaves your friendship zone in 2024, this part of your life will be beyond powerful. In fact, you're only halfway into the process, so be patient. Letting go of any need to control the direction of your fate has been a painful but potent life lesson. Deep surrender brings increased personal power with friends and within your community in general. You're respected most for your ability to let go and trust the bigger process, as the true channel and divine conduit you are, Pisces. Bonus: old friends might return to help take some of your most essential long-term goals to the next level in 2017.

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