Aquarius horoscope 2016

21 January - 19 February



This is the year to give proper structure to your dreams, wishes and long-term goals. You are ready to walk your talk and deliver on your intentions. Procrastination is so 2015, Aquarius. There is too much at stake to waste another moment worrying about the past or remaining distracted by the future. You already know that 2016 is a year of concrete, solid and immediate action, because your intuition is working overtime from the moment the year begins. With four Mercury Retrograde phases on tap starting in January, there will be more than enough time for deep reflection between stints of complete world domination. You've got ample energy and determination to leave your competition in the dust. Big changes continue to unfold to support your most authentic and essential self. No longer will you waste time trying to keep everyone happy and attend to the needs of others while you remain buried in unfulfilled dreams. The only way to live this year is by letting yourself shine. Don't forget to wear your freak flag high at regular intervals, or your style will be cramped. You certainly don't have any time to waste on other people's conformist expectations.

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Exes are coming out of the woodwork like crazy in 2016. Expect several encounters with old flames, crushes and partners from the past. It's like you're being haunted, Aquarius: there may still be some unfinished business to attend to. It doesn't mean you need to go back for real, or that you'll be tempted to reunite, but you may finally have some important conversations that were never had. This is the year to learn from past mistakes in love. February and August are your stellar romance months. 



Your career is a surefire hit this year, Aquarius. Everything that you worked so hard for over the last few years is paying off in 2016—finally. Respect, recognition and rewards should flow in for the next two years, in fact. Use your competitive drive to obliterate any lingering fears or blocks. You can do anything that you set your mind to in 2016, and you've got mega support from your friends. Mars will power up your career zone for four months of the year, which is sure to make a definite impact on your ambition and success. Plus, you'll also have Mars and Saturn boosting your commitment levels and perseverance for long terms goals this spring. You'll definitely be working your bum off, but feeling energised every step of the way.

Social Life

You're born under the sign of friendship to begin with, so this is always a major part of your life in any given year. However, the best news is that your tribe plays an even larger role than usual in 2016. You feel a diehard commitment to them and the loyalty is certainly paid right back. There may be some tests and challenges that come along via your social circle, compliments of the long Saturn transit through your house of friends. You may even cut out some friends if they no longer vibe with your values, goals and beliefs. You're realising that time is too precious to waste on connections that don't enhance your life.

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Health & Wellness

Your health and your emotions are one-to-one this year, Aquarius. If you feel off physically, check your feelings. If you don't make time to process and honor all that gets stirred up on an emotional level, it could easily show up as symptoms that affect your wellbeing. Try to unlock the emotional root cause if you feel under the weather. You're very tuned into what your body wants and needs, which is a total bonus. The more you process unwanted thoughts and emotional baggage, the sooner you'll heal.

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