Aquarius horoscope 2017

21 January - 19 February



2017 brings an eclectic mix of friendship and love—just the way you adore, Aquarius! The only catch is you're being directed out of your rational mind and into your irrational but glorious heart. You can thank the eclipse patterns for forcing you out of the realms of cool, calm and collected and into the worlds of intimacy and romantic connection. It might feel like you've gone off the deep end at first, but you'll rather enjoy the change of vibe. No more handling it all on your own, darling. It's time to feel the sweetness of support. Love is coming for you on all levels. Relationships take top billing both personally and professionally all year long. You'll still be totally goal-obsessed as always, but feeling the love will only help you get there even faster. You have monumental dreams in the making and won't give up until they become part of your daily reality. Saturn has your back, keeping you on track all year long. The wanderlust that started in 2016 is still going strong for most of 2017, so keep your passport at the ready. Career matters become a bit all-consuming after October, so you might need to land and focus for the last quarter of the year.


Love & Sex

Do you believe in fated love stories, Aquarius? Well, even if you were a cynic before, you're about to be converted into a true believer in 2017. The Nodes of Fate are bringing the romance and sexy back into your life a major way. Finding balance between your need for independence and eccentric habits is the task at hand, thanks to the eclipse points. The trick is to stay out of your head and firmly rooted in your heart all year long. This might require losing your proverbial cool, but it's so worth it. Venus Retrograde allows you to work out old issues that weren't resolved in your previous relationships in March and early April. You might find yourself doing this either with a new lover or an old lover – but the lessons remain the same. Either way, the learning curve for dating, mating and relating is steep around this time – but well worth the test. The eclipse on 21 August utterly shifts your romantic relationships – love is coming for you, ready or not.

Career & Money

Popularity has never been a problem for you, Aquarius. If anything, your issue has been saying no to the thousandth colleague that wants something from you when you have work to do. You're about reach another breaking point when it comes to followers and fans in 2017. Long-distance travel only amplifies this potential, so jet to your heart's content. You will meet some pretty amazing people in the most unexpected corners of the world this year. Money has a way of coming and going, and it may seem beyond your control, so surrender might be your best option. Don't get attached to your bank balance and trust another wave of cash will come just when you need it most. The true career awesome arrives in October when Jupiter cruises up to the tip-top of your chart. You only get this opportunity for fame and fortune once in every twelve years, so take it to the next level, baby.

Social Life

Friends are your number one, always. That said, your love life will be in hardcore competition for your time and attention this year, which makes socialising more of a stress than a joy. Your friends and community are used to having nearly unlimited access to your genius. Putting limits on your social life might feel uncomfortable at first, but will make you so happy in the long run. You are learning the balance between spreading yourself too thin for friends and the desire for quality time one-on-one. Plus, your career is going to explode later in the year, which will make it hard to find time for anything that isn't professionally linked. You certainly won't be in need of new friends or a supportive network this year. It's just a matter of having time for everyone.

Health & Wellness

Pay special attention to your delicate nervous system in 2017. If you haven't figured out just how sensitive you are to overstimulation (especially too much time glued to your gadgets), your body will not let you ignore this reality any longer. You can't overdo it on taking breaks from screen time. Turn it OFF when you go to sleep, don't just silence it. When you feel spent, immerse yourself in healing remedies like oils of frankincense, sandalwood and vetiver. And never underestimate the healing power of deep and steady breathing. Long, meditative walks and extended time on the mat are also amazing remedies to help your system decompress. If anxiety starts to kick in, you know you've been pushing yourself too hard and not making enough time to breathe and feel. If that requires scheduling in extra downtime to simply feel what you need to feel and breathe through it, by all means make that happen.

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