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2013 was quite a year for you, but 2014 will do its best to outdo its predecessor. Jupiter (the glorious planet of luck, bounty, and expansion) entered your own stars in the middle of last year, and will remain on Team Cancer through July of 2014. That means you have six months left to capture the best of this once-in-twelve-years transit – plant those seeds and manifest those dreams while you can. Three retrogrades in a row (Venus, Mercury, and Mars) mark the start of the year, so you may feel like things are getting off to a slow start – patience is a virtue you must cultivate. Since you were born with the ability to watch and wait, you’ll do better than other signs between January and May. Pluto remains in your opposite sign and will continue to transform your relationships, especially in April when the “Cardinal Grand Cross” – one of the most intense aspects of the whole year – comes alive with passion, fire, and major tumult. The aforementioned Jupiter comes into a gorgeous alignment with Saturn in May, bringing heightened self-esteem and magical romance into your life. The Solar Eclipse on 23 October can bring some change on the romantic front, but you’ll feel a sense of closure and completed karma – this has been in the works for several years already. Whatever happens, you will be more whole as a result.


With Jupiter continuing to power up your self-esteem through mid-year, single Cancers should be less prone to native shyness. Forget about pushing aside your desires or deferring your needs, darling – go for it knowing that you’ve got major cosmic backup now. If you’re in a long-term relationship, Pluto has probably been putting it through the ringer since 2008. Be watchful in mid-April, when some of those issues may come up in a major way. Kindness and respect are your friends now, but remind yourself that there is no good reason to pretend that you’re okay when you’re not okay. Speak up without succumbing to projections or unnecessary jealousies. The late October eclipse can bring someone new into your life just as easily as it can “eclipse” someone out of your life – know that if someone exits the scene now, it’s only eliminating toxic energy that you don’t want or need. Saturn will leave your romance zone in December, ending a two-and-a-half year cycle of lessons in love and romance. You’ll be glad you learned them, but just as happy to give the ringed planet a good shove-off as he leaves your orbit.

Career and Money:

Your career could blast off to the stratosphere this year, Cancer. Nothing is likely to be quiet or simple, and yes, there may be some stress. But putting your mark on the world in huge neon letters – it’s worth the sweat and tears you may have to put in. This all becomes clear in April, when an astrological event called the “Cardinal Grand Cross” lights up your chart like wildfire. A business partnership could be tense now, but it’s important to stand your ground and be honest about what you believe in. You are going places, and you need to get there with only those whose integrity matches the level of your own. If you change jobs, it’s not likely to be a lateral move – you’re moving up or into a whole new profession now. These changes have been underway, in part, since 2012, but now you’re really beginning to see what you’re made of and exactly what you can accomplish. Hint: it’s a LOT. Even more exciting, Jupiter, the luck planet, moves into your money zone in July – your bank account is about to expand, and this lovely swelling will last for a whole year.


In general, your friendships are safe and secure this year. Your whole social network might feel like it’s blowing up in April – fascinating new contacts can emerge out of the woodwork to assist you in all areas of your life. Make sure you have business cards on hand, and even if it feels like the world is spinning out of control at times, network like it’s going out of style. An issue that came up between you and a close friend last year could bubble to the surface again near the 29 April eclipse, so be careful not to rankle any of your mates around this time. Even if you feel like you’re being taken advantage of and something is truly unfair, it’s best to wait until at least a few days after this eclipse to address it. You should indeed bring it up, Cancer – don’t repress your emotions. Just make sure the timing is right.


Your health should be nice and robust through the first half of the year, thanks to Jupiter’s continued auspicious placement in your sign. Note that the stresses of April are fairly intense and can take a toll on even the hardiest soul, so treat your body with extra care now. This is especially true for cardinal signs like you. (Aries, Libra and Capricorn are sharing the burden during this anxiety-provoking time.) Do something really positive for your health near the Jupiter-Saturn trine in May – like a yoga retreat or do a juice cleanse; it should have lasting effects. Saturn, known as the Cosmic Taskmaster, is coming to your health zone in December, where he will remain for two-and-a-half years. It will be extremely important to temper your work stress during this phase – make sure you have outlets for exercise, healthy eating, and enough time for rest.

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