capricorn, 2014


Prepare for a totally off-the-charts year, Capricorn, especially when it comes to your career. 2014 could easily be one of your most successful rides on record, thanks to a huge conglomeration of planetary energies pushing you to the next level. Your professional goals are always important to you, but your need to rise to the top is beyond palpable this year – it is everything to you. Venus continues to bring sweetness, romance and beauty to your sign through March, but note that she’ll be retrograde during your birthday month in January. The first month of 2014 asks you to revisit old values and past relationships – do any pangs of desire remain? 12 July is a major culmination point, as the Moon goes full in your stars. Mars (the planet of drive and action) will power up the top of your horoscope for an extended visit running from January to July. Your huge boost comes when the North Node of Fate meets with Mars, in your professional zone, in March. This propels you to the greatness you deserve, all the way through the end of the year.


2014 kicks off with the planet of love and beauty (Venus) in your sign. But since she’ll be retrograde through the end of January, you may be in a more nostalgic and reflective frame of mind around relationships. Old lovers may reappear if there is any unfinished business; it’s a time of powerful introspection and reflection. If you’re in a committed relationship you may be craving a pause, if not a serious time-out. Note that it’s not a good time for big decisions or rushing forward with partners. If you’ve been fighting over money with your beloved, you may want to put any big financial planning talks on hold until February. After Venus comes out of retrograde, you’ll feel like you’re finally moving ahead in your relationships. Going forward, 2014 will help you to end addictive cycles in love. Jupiter will move into your zone of sexuality and intimacy this summer, bringing you plenty of opportunities to get passionate and go deep with your beloved.

Career and Money:

2014 promises to go down as a career year to celebrate, Capricorn. You’ve been working your tail off the past few years with Pluto and Saturn pushing you past any remaining comfort zones, and the rewards are just beginning to peak. Plus, with Mars pushing you hard for the entire first half of the year, there will be no rest for the weary. Saturn (your governing planet) continues to underscore your zone of group associations and long-term plans until the end of the year. The more people you can enlist to support your cause, the stronger your campaign. Then lucky Jupiter will move into your house of other people’s money, starting in July. This is an excellent influence if you need to borrow money or find investors to support bigger ventures. You’ll be wildly surprised by the generosity of others in the second half of 2014. Your moneymaking mojo is especially strong in February so you may want to stash away that cash for future plans.


Jupiter continues to bring you the cream of the crop when it comes to friends and allies. Family life and long-term attachments with friends are another important theme in 2014. You will happily let go of many ancient emotional patterns from your family, ones that that would otherwise carry over into your friendships. This will culminate at the “Cardinal Grand Cross” in April. This is the year to shed any ongoing family and/or friendship baggage. You don’t need it anymore, Capricorn. It’s also the year to give up the fight in favour of greater peace of mind. It’s just not worth battling with relatives or friends over the same issues year after year, and now is the time when you’ll be ready put your foot down, refusing to participate in any more drama. This doesn’t make you a bad person; so don’t let the typical Capricorn guilt set in once you free yourself from those chains.


Your health is tied to the status of your relationships in 2014, Capricorn. When you’re in harmony and flow with your beloved, your immunity is strong. However, when discord prevails, your life-force can quickly plummet, making you suddenly susceptible to whatever’s going around at the moment. The best way to keep yourself in tip-top shape is by remaining calm, cool and collected despite the inevitable ups and downs in your love life. The “Cardinal Grand Cross” and eclipse season both culminate in April, making this a time to take especially good care of yourself, darling. Be sure to get extra rest and perhaps think about a vacation in order to truly replenish. When Mars is retrograde between March and May, you’re being asked to slow down and reflect. Expect to march forward during the second half of the year when your vitality is at its best.

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