leo, 2014


2014 might just be one of the best you’ve had in years, lovely Lioness. You can thank Jupiter, the most auspicious planet of all, for the gifts that are about to be bestowed on you. The planet of luck and abundance is coming to your sign at mid-year, and it will remain there through the middle of 2015. This transit only happens once every twelve years – so yes, it’s extremely special. Mark your calendar in gold glitter: 17 July is the date to remember. If you were born in July, you’ll begin to get the fringe benefits first. If you were born in August, you’ll have to wait until later in 2014 and into 2015 – but your patience will be amply rewarded. Now that you know the infinitely awesome story of 2014, here are the more challenging bits: the year begins with three exhausting retrogrades. First Venus, then Mercury, then Mars. It might feel like everything you start has to be checked five times before it gets off the ground. Don’t push, especially in April, when everything is likely to be explosive and people are wired to go off the deep end. A Lunar Eclipse comes to your long-distance travel zone on 8 October: you might have a breathtaking opportunity to go overseas for either business or pleasure.


February may bring your exes out of the woodwork, as Mercury will be retrograde in your relationship zone. Reigniting old flames is tricky – the affair might be hot, but it may not last long. The moment Jupiter enters your constellation in July your love life will be lit up like a sky full of infinite stars – without the interference of artificial light pollution. You’ll be able to tune into your desires, and will feel confident enough to strut your stuff without having to fake it ‘til you make it. In other words, your self-confidence will be authentic and fierce, and there is nothing sexier. Lovers will come calling – probably more than one at a time, so prepare to do some juggling. December brings serious Saturn to your love zone; this is the kind of transit that can take casual dating to the next level. Note that it will be there for the next two-and-a-half years.

Career and Money:

April brings an important pivot point for your career. The “Cardinal Grand Cross” brings your attention to a professional matter of great importance – something that’s been percolating since at least 2012. Now is your chance to have a breakthrough, but you’ll have to see through some chaos to make it happen, and the dust may not settle for a few months. With Mars powering up your communication zone from January to July you’re able to say what you mean without hemming and hawing – you’re a master of clarity and efficiency. But Mars will be retrograde from March to May, so your messages may hit some walls here and there. If you need to slow down and carefully re-draft important work emails around this time, it will be worth the effort. A long distance business trip can completely change your life in October – get packing.


Your social network expands in late May – you’re likely to be in high demand through July, both online and off. Just like your love life, your friendships will receive awesome blessings upon Jupiter’s arrival in your sign in July. Joy expands exponentially, and riotous fun is high on your list – all the way through the summer of 2015. You’ll crave the company of your most raucous mates, and you’ll continue to meet new friends. No matter your age, you will want at least one wild night of dancing per month (preferably close to the Full Moon.)


With energetic Mars potentially pushing you to overdo it between January and July, make sure you make enough time for self-care, especially during the retrograde between March and May. After Jupiter comes to your sign in July you’ll have cosmic protection from illness, but still proceed with caution – this planet leads you to major excess. You may tend to overdo it with food, drink, and staying out all night. Have lots of coconut water on hand for hangovers, and know when to temper the fun in favour or making it to your appointments on time.

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