pisces, 2014


2014 promises to be filled with magical transformation and yet more rebirth, Pisces. You are about to undertake such a massive personal renovation project that your glamorous inner world may never quite feel the same. Of course, this inner work will in turn revolutionise your life, both professional and personal, in the most fantastic ways imaginable. The first half of the year is wonderful for celebrating romance and pleasure in a big and fabulous fashion. The overwhelming abundance of love that perhaps began to flow into your dreamy world last summer continues to flourish straight through July. It’s not a matter of when you’ll fall madly in love; it’s a matter of falling head over heels again and again on a daily basis. The spell won’t be broken until summer, so enjoy the cinematic unfolding of loveliness. This is the season when you may wish to finally choose and commit. Lucky Jupiter’s influence has also been spectacular for your creative life, and will continue to wake up your inner artist for the first half of the year. Consider this your second (or third or fourth) childhood, as you’re being reminded how much fun it is to play. You may grow very serious about your career at the very end of the year when Saturn moves to the top of your chart on 23 December.


The North Node will move into the sign of partnership near your birthday, and it will remain there for the remainder of 2014, underscoring the relationship theme. Knowing how influenced by your environment you tend to be, you’ll likely find this coupling theme contagious. You may find yourself longing for companionship despite your usual solitary leanings. You can always make room for both in your life, Pisces. Imagine a partner willing to give you the necessary downtime to drift and dream, or amend your relationship with your current mate. 2014 is the year for you to merge your dreams and vison with your reality. The first half of the year is outrageously romantic; take advantage of this amorous time to celebrate your current love or to attract a new flame. Either way, this love energy continues to peak until July. Nesting and romance could easily feel intertwined thanks to Jupiter’s homey influence. Your instincts to nurture and be nurtured are exceptionally strong. The tone switches considerably at mid-year: the stars will then ask you to work hard at making romance into daily reality. It may be harder to achieve, but the results will be worth it.

Career and Money:

The planet of wealth and abundance (Jupiter) moves into your work sector this summer, so get ready for a pile-up of projects, Pisces. Once this onslaught sets in, you’ll wonder how you ever complained about not having enough work. This phase from July until the end of the year is guaranteed to keep you so busy that you’ll be challenged to keep your head above water. Time management is key to keeping afloat because the demands may be a bit overwhelming. Be sure to get plenty of rest and strive toward more balance in your life despite your hectic schedule. Refuse to let your health suffer as a result of working yourself harder than ever. Don’t forget you’re hypersensitive to the energies around you and thus require copious amounts of downtime to replenish your energy and imagination. You know how to work the powers of visualisation, and with Neptune and Chiron still cruising through your stars this year, you’re the master at turning imagery into profit. Money tends to be the least of your priorities but you’re realising it certainly doesn’t hurt.


With the presence of Venus in your house of friendships for the first three months of the year, your social life is gorgeous. Celebrate the beauty of your connections and make time for friends from January through March, because it just feels really good. You may have never even realised until now that you have some commitment-phobe tendencies, even when it comes to friendship. During the second half of the year, when responsibility starts drifting toward you, you may have a tendency to swim the other way. As idealistic as you are, you have a deep-seated terror of life becoming too predictable and mundane. You live for fantasy and glamour, Pisces. But alas, reality has a way of catching up to you and asking you if you’re ready and willing to step up to the plate. This year you’re learning how to show up for others in a consistent and dependable way, rather than looking for the nearest escape hatch.


The Neptune-Chiron influence in your sign continues in 2014, but by now you’re hopefully beginning to appreciate and adapt to just how sensitive your body and spirit have become. You may have developed strange allergies or reactions to certain food, or even certain people that are now detrimental to your health. You’re learning to honour your need for serenity and soul time, Pisces. These aren’t luxuries, but full-on necessities. This is also the year for striving for more balance in all life arenas, but especially for your health. You require more sleep and dream time than most, and this is nothing to be ashamed of. You can’t help that you’re a psychic sponge and need tons of cleansing time to decompress from everybody else’s garbage. Essential oil/Salt baths are your best friend. Reflexology and acupuncture are also excellent for supporting and nourishing your delicate nervous system.

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