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posted by the Features Editor Intern

Interviewing the Features Director

Find out the questions that the Features Intern asked the Features Director.....

As well as compiling the Hot 50 list in Preview, ELLE’s arts and culture section, I helped put together the questions that each intern would ask their respective editor for All Tomorrow’s Editors. Each of us interviewed our corresponding editor to get a better understanding of their job role and how they got to where they are today. I interviewed Alice Wignall, the Features Director. Her answers were not only insightful for me, but for anyone looking to make it in this business.
Here are the questions I came up with…

If you had to pick a piece of invaluable advice for someone hoping to make it in any creative industry today, what would it be?

What mistake, big or small, have you made so far in your career that you learnt the most from?

What is the main aspect of the fashion magazine industry that someone hoping to enter it, should know?

If you have questions about the magazine industry, take a look at our ongoing Linkedin discussion, where all of us interns are answering questions, not just about our experience at ELLE, but also about interning in general.