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posted by the Picture Editor Intern

My October Issue Features

See the Picture Editors contribution to the October Issue of ELLE

So, I've shown you how I got to be at ELLE, and what my time at the offices involved, which means the next step is to show you what I contributed to the 'Edited by the Interns' October issue!

 Image One  - While I photographed the action in the office for 'A Day at ELLE', the fashion team were planning for the 'What ELLE Packs' shoot, so I went behind-the-scenes to snap what beautiful clothes and shoes they had picked out for the Editors' fashion week suitcases. I was also encouraged to look at the vast archive of ELLE's back issues to get an idea of how the images in previous features were put together. This did provide very useful for completing my own image sourcing and brought about a lot of editorial envy in the form of David Beckham's cover feature and ELLE Collections A/W 12.

 Image Two - One of the trends being explored in the issue is the battle between classic sneakers and hi top trainers, so I was asked to photograph Donna (Accessories Editor) and Rosa (Fashion Assistant) as they modelled each look.

Image 3 - Our glorious group portrait was taken by the legendary photographer Henry Bourne and it really was a wonderful welcome into the ELLE world. We were all nervous about being photographed for the magazine as we had never done anything like it before. I’m used to being the one behind the camera, so being on the other side was a daunting prospect. But, all nerves aside, the shoot was a great way to meet all the other interns and have some fun before the hard work started.

 Image Four - Each of the winning interns was asked to interview their mentor about what it’s like to work at ELLE and how to get the career you want. I asked Nikki McClarron (ELLE's Acting Picture Editor) what advice she would give to people in my position and exactly what the ins and outs of her job involved, amongst other things. The interview was a great insight into the workings of Nikki's job at ELLE and inspired me to pursue what I want to do no matter what. Each intern also had their work profiled in the issue which was a huge step forward in getting each of us recognised in the industry.

 Image Five - 'What The Interns Saw' was a large compilation of images that had been taken by myself and the other interns during our time at ELLE to show the office and our experience in all its glory.

 Image Six - Both the winning interns and ELLE’s existing interns were asked to submit ideas for the 'Interns' Secret Address Book'; a list of the hot places to eat, places to visit and things to do around the UK. The interns at ELLE come from all over the UK which really provided readers with a great list of things to do no matter where you are based.

 Now that you have seen how I contributed to ELLE's 'Edited by the Interns' October issue, I hope you feel encouraged to continue pursuing your dream as a photographer or other professional in the fashion industry. One day you're name could be in print too!