Lesser Rated or Forgotten TV Soundtracks You Need Back In Your Life

With the imminent success of the 'Stranger Things' soundtrack, we've cast our minds back


Stranger Things is getting a lot of love.

From its nostalgic opening credits, to the more than welcome return of Winona (Forever) Ryder, we are smitten.

The aesthetic of the show is pitch-perfect, right through to its amazing soundtrack, which is available on Spotify.

The score, written by two members of Austin-based band S U R V I V E, Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon has driven fans wild and they are releasing the first installment today.


It got us thinking about other TV shows and their soundtracks, so here's a quick run-down of some of out favourites.

Made In Chelsea

We don't mean to start so controversially, but bear with.

If you can hear past the almost trans-atlantic accents of the 'characters' on the hit TV show, you will actually get through to some pretty interesting music.

Considering there is a serious lack of platforms for new music in the UK on the telly, MIC is doing pretty well.


Listen for: trendy young bands with difficult to pronounce names.

One Tree Hill

We promise this list will get more credible in a minute.

It didn't just give us 'California' by Phantom Planet, it also served us some American Indie/Alternative Gold.

Listen for: angsty, dirty teenagers that will make you feel old.

Nick Lachey All In My Head (new song 2009) real song *With...
Blind Pilot "Half Moon" Live Acoustic performance
Its Tricky- RUN DMC
Live - Lightning Crashes
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
Jimmy eat world - 23
Band of Horses - The funeral - Lyrics
Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats - Lyrics
The constatines - Soon enough - Lyrics
15 la rocca non believer

The Sopranos

Hailed as the greatest TV show of all time (before our next choice came along) The Sopranos also had a cracking soundtrack.

In one scene, a brutal hit and run has TLC's 'No scrubs' over it, genius.

Listen for: Vintage gems to get you dancing on your sofa.

Breaking Bad

Also hailed as the greatest TV show of all time Breaking Bad also has a cracking soundtrack.

Do you remember that scene where Walter White got new cars with his son and they played this crazy Dubstep song over it?

We do.

Listen for: kooky, eclectic, slightly bonkers tunes


Girls is a ground-breaking show, full of awkward sex, badly lit nudity and realistic drug experiences.

The music is also A*.

It has everything, from real classics, to club classics and we cannot get enough.

Listen for: Girl Power

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