Green Hair, Man Buns, Baby Oil: The Fashion Trends We'll All Be Rocking After 2016 Rio Olympics

Not only have the athletes proven their sporting prowess but an array of on-trend styles we're coveting for Autumn


Last weekend saw the end of the 2016 Rio Olympics. 

In the past two weeks we've seen Laura Trott become the most decorated British female athlete in history, Simone Biles win four gold medals at the age of 19 and Mo Farah defend his gold-winning title in the 10km run after falling over.

Another thing we've seen is the eclectic range of Olympic-inspired tattoos, multi-coloured hairstyles and questionable man buns.


We've rounded up our favourite trends that have come out of Rio 2016:

The Man Bun

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Matt Damon's recent man bun has competition as Great Britain's Louis Smith sported a drastic man bun during his gymnastics competitions. With a buzz cut all over except for a Mohican-style man bun crowning the top of his head, some even blamed the hairstyle for his silver medal placement.


Green hair


You could spot bronze medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce from a mile off during the Olympics. The Jamaican was seen accepting her medal after the 100m women's final shaking out her bright green and yellow hair. Patriotic much?

Futuristic eyewear

With the sun in your eyes, it could be the difference between a gold medal and a face-plant during a race. To help, Turkey's Yasmani Copello sported wrap-around sunglasses to help deal with the blazing sunlight. Clever thinking.

Baby oil


If you're hitting the town with the girls this weekend, don't forget to smother yourself in baby oil à la Tongan athlete Pita Nikolas Aufatofua. Besides, it'll help you slip through queues to the bar like a ninja. 

Lochte locks


The Olympic swimmer dyed his hair platinum blonde ahead of the 4x200 relay race. Unfortunately for Lochte, it looks like no one told to tell him chlorine turns peroxide dyed hair green. 

Patriotic eyeshadow

Only Simone Biles could pull off silver, blue and red streaks of eyeshadow on her lashlines. Simone Biles is also probably the only person to defy gravity so don't feel too bad.

Olympic tattoos

From the rings to inspirational quotes, we can't get enough of the Olympic inking going on across in Rio

Venus Williams Red Streaks

Tennis' most fashionable star sported red braids in her hair ahead of her competition. 

Sorry guys, but I think the women have won on this one*

*Run to hairdressers to dye hair green*

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