Friends Across The World Are Sharing Messages With Their BFFs To Celebrate The Power Of Friendship

From replying with the perfect message to a cry for help to sending a hilarious one-liner to cheer up a friend, we can't get enough of these BFF conversations


Whether it's a message of encouragement before a big day at work, words of advice and compassion following a nasty break-up, the sharing of a hilarious meme you just had to send before going to bed or a simple note to express your deep gratitude for their endless support and love, nothing quite sums up a friendship like a heartwarming WhatsApp, Facebook or text message to your BFF.


To celebrate the enduring power of friendship – a bond often stronger than those with family and partners – friends across the world are taking to social media to share their thanks and support to friends, making us all want to grab our phone and call/text our mates to tell them how much they mean to us.

Here are some of our favourite exchanges:


Go and message your BFF right now.

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