Blue Prosecco Exists And We're Reliving Our WKD Nostalgia All Over Again

It's officially a thing


Around this time last year, we wrote about Gik's blue wine –a blend of white and red grapes harvested from vineyards outside of Madrid and colored blue with grape skin pigment, indigo dye, and a non-caloric sweeteners, which apparently all the hipsters in Europe were crazy about.

Then, last week, we learned about the existence of rose gold glitter prosecco, a shimmer of dust that makes everyone's favorite fizzy drink sparkle and lends it a bit of a raspberry flavor.


But now their lovechild–blue prosecco–has hit the market and is already poised to be at every wedding bachelorette girls' night you go to this year.

Created by the Italian company Fratelli Saraceni–which sells an array of sparkling, red, and white wine–Blumond is a 7% ABV sparkling wine made from prosecco, blue curaçao, and peach.

According to their website, it is a 'is a velvety and seductive sparkling wine that is deliciously fruity.' Judging by the ingredients, it sounds like it's also pretty sweet, which is probably why the website suggests having it as an aperitif or paired with dessert, particularly at weddings.

Currently available in the US at $21.78 per 750 ml bottle, it's also pretty reasonably priced for a nice occasion. Fear not, reports say the classy update on our uni WKD obsession is coming to Europe imminently. Phew.

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