All The Places That Actually Look Like A Wes Anderson Film

The subreddit 'Accidental Wes Anderson' is giving us life right now


Reddit aka the so-called 'front page of the internet', tends to be a plethora of masculine-heavy threads called 'Gentlemanboners' and 'The_Donald'. But somewhere between the polite pervs and the alt-right support groups, lies a thread called 'Accidental Wes Anderson'.

'Accidental Wes Anderson' is a calm and satisfyingly retro and kitsch space for you to fill that Grand Budapest Hotel shaped hole in your life.


Users have uploaded photos of various places in the world that, completely accidentally, resemble the aesthetics of director Wes Anderson.

The Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums film-maker has an idiosyncratic style that highlights the retro and quirky.

Last weekend the subreddit blew up when a Reddit user Nekhera posted a picture of a North Korean conference room.

It's symmetry and muted colours screamed, or rather called through a pea-green vintage megaphone, 'Wes Anderson', and since then the subreddit has garnered almost 23k subscribers and thousands of people have been voting for which ones are the best.

The picture currently with the most up-votes is this creepy/cute hotel room in East Berlin's Ostel hotel.

Coming in second is the Pennsylvania Railroad Suburban Station. Are those almost symmetrical bikes perched there on purpose? We god damn hope so.

New posts are being added all the time, like this eerily-pretty shot of a girl in Mongolia.

Obviously London's very own Sketch tea room is in there, because, millennial pink.

In fact, check out how many hotels are on the list, it's almost as though Anderson based his film on some of them…

Our personal favourites have to be these two millennial pink stations in Singapore:

Isn't this the subreddit you never knew you needed?

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