Emily Ratajkowski Claps Back At Criticism About Her Lingerie Spaghetti Shoot

'This is actually just classic sexism.'


Yesterday, Piers Morgan blasted Emily Ratajkowski for her latest raunchy photoshoot. Now, the model has responded, explaining that taking aim at her actions is just 'classic sexism'.

The TV presenter criticised the model for claiming that she is a feminist, but also stripping off for cameras at the same time. This time, he was referring to a photoshoot for Love magazine's annual advent calendar, in which she dances around in her underwear, covered in spaghetti.

He said on Good Morning Britain: 'She's a global bimbo.... For goodness sake–get some clothes on and get yourself a proper job.'

He also commented on her decision on Twitter.

The model–who tends to ignore Morgan's frequent attacks on her–had clearly had enough this time and took to Twitter to explain why he was wrong to have said anything.

'Lol never said my love video was a feminist statement,' Ratajkowski said. 'But now it's worth saying that telling women what to do with their bodies & sexuality is actually just classic sexism. I can have opinions about feminism & also do sexy photo shoots k thanks.'


Morgan then responded explaining that she had in fact mentioned feminism in her initial statement, saying: 'Lol you literally posted a statement about feminism with your spaghetti snaps.'


Ratajkowski did in fact mention feminism in her quotes about the shoot, which were posted to Love's Instagram account. However, that does not give Morgan the right to criticize her decisions or tell her what to do with her body.

'I'm tired of having to consider how I might be perceived by men if I wear the short skirt or post a sexy Instagram,' she said. 'I want to do what I want to do. Feminism isn't about adjusting, it's about freedom and choice.'

From: AR Revista
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