Andrew Garfield Is Still the Best Ex

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone's friendly ex, has been vocal throughout the year of how adoring he is of Stone and her work. Even now—after the public "I still love him/her," summer almost-reconciliation rumors, and Stone's debut of her new boyfriend Dave McCary—Garfield will still talk in the most gracious, kind way about his ex-turned-friend.

Entertainment Tonight asked Garfield about Stone's Oscar win for La La Land in a new interview. "It's beautiful to see someone you love being acknowledged like that. I was so pleased for her," he said. "Someone you love"! Is it possible to have a dream ex? Because Mr. Garfield would be our pick.


The outlet also asked the actor about his love life, about which he was less forthcoming. "I have no interest in talking about that in public," he said. He previously talked about his skepticism of dating apps with ELLEin the November issue.

From: Elle
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