Scarlett Johansson Returns to 'SNL' As Ivanka Trump Just in Time for the Holidays

'There's a special place in hell, and we're all there.'


As Christmas approaches, Saturday Night Live is here to help get you in the holiday spirit. And what better way to kick off proceedings than with a surprise cameo from Scarlett Johansson, reprising the role of Ivanka Trump with her impeccable impression.

Johansson's previous appearances as Trump include the unforgettable fake perfume ad for new fragrance, Complicit. Luckily, Johansson's Ivanka is back, to help bring to life SNL's holiday-themed White House cold open.



When she arrives, Ivanka presents her father with an ornament to help decorate the White House Christmas tree. As the president notes earlier in the sketch, he's dubbed it the Tree of Shame, and each ornament features one of the "haters and losers" he believes he's "destroyed this year." Ivanka's decoration features disgraced Roy Moore, who Trump famously supported... until he lost.

On husband Jared Kushner, Johansson's Ivanka said, "He's packing a go bag before the FBI arrives. I will always remember that one time I heard him talk." Brutal.

Johansson is currently dating SNL head writer Colin Jost, and the couple made their first public appearance together last month at the American Museum of Natural History Gala in New York City. Hopefully, Johansson's relationship with Jost means that 2018 will feature many more appearance by Ivanka Trump on SNL, especially as her facial expressions alone are downright hilarious.

And in the Weekend Update, Jost discussed Doug Jones defeating Roy Moore by saying, "Congratulation's to Alabama's new Senator, not Roy Moore." Watch the show's best moments now:

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