7 Reasons To Binge Watch 'Stranger Things' Immediately

​That's if you haven't already

Following its release in July, Stranger Things has become this year's most talked about Netflix show. The science fiction horror follows the story of several mysterious disappearances in a small Indiana town, and is already being called this generation's X Files. In short: clear your plans and watch all eight episodes immediately.


1 The Nostalgia Value

Anyone who grew up alternating between ET and The Goonies on movie night will have serious flashbacks watching the show. Set in 1983, everything from the cinematography, the special effects, and even the chopper bikes will be familiar - prepare to remember how good it was in those ol' days.

2 Eleven's Buzz Cut

Move over Ruth Bell, we've got a new favourite face with a shaved head – Brit born actress Millie Brown, 12 - who plays Eleven (which is shorten to Elle), a girl with telepathic magic powers, and cheek bones that could take any haircut.


3 The 80s Style

The stonewash Mom jeans, the plaid jeans, the padded body warmers. We want it all.

4 Winona Forever

Johnny Depp was right; no one does it like Winona. She's back, and she's brilliant - playing Joyce Byers the mom to a mysteriously missing child. We adore how she's moved flawlessly from teen outcast of our dreams (think Heathers, Beetlejuice, and Edward Scissorhands) to mom outcast with style. Winona - we're still crushing hard.


5 Horrors Are Scientifically Good For You

Ok, so maybe they're not great for your heart - but according to a bit of Googling watching scary movies can help you burn the calorific equivalent of a small chocolate bar, according to a study by researchers at the University of Westminster. So binging Stranger Things is basically like a workout.

6 The Soundtrack

Scored by two members of Austin-based band S U R V I V E, Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon – expect all the greats from Joy Division, to the Clash, even The Bangles. There's an album coming in September.


7 Dustin Henderson's Lisp

Actually everything he does - that optimism, that dopiness, that dedication to his three best friends, that baseball cap. There has never been someone we wanted to hang out with more. Watch out for what the actor Gaten Matarazzo does next.

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