Scrimp And Save: The ELLE Team's Top Tips For Saving Cash

Waiting for pay day? Surviving on Heinz soup cans and stashing tea bags from work into your handbag at the end of the day? Here's how to save some extra cash this month.

Cash Yo Giph | ELLE UK

This week, Time Out dedicated their weekly issue to 'Generation Broke' – millennials in their twenties and thirties struggling to get by with rising transport, housing and food costs, coupled with the desire to fulfill their dreams, set up their own business and still enjoy life, despite being strapped for cash.

Sound familiar?

According to the publication's City Index survey last year, around about a fifth of millennial Londoners are earning less than £20,000.


Even the lucky schmucks who earn more than that are still suffering from crippling debts, student loan paybacks, the disappointment of the reality they'll probably never own a house/flat of their own and question whether they should move out of the City for good.

At the moment, it seems like there's little chance of financial improvement coming our way anytime soon.

The solution (other than crying)? Take things into our own hands.


If there's one thing we love at ELLE – other than Jacquemus e-v-e-r-y-thing, a Metaburn class at Third Space gyms or a chocolatey coconut bite from Pret A Manger – it's being thrifty.

Not a day goes by without a colleague offering a handy tip to bulk buying ingredients for the week's lunches, a suggestion of a new app that organises your finances or an email about the next carboot sale in the local area.

As a result, we rounded up the ELLE team's top tips on saving money when you earn sweet F.A.

Happy saving!


Hannah Nathanson, commissioning editor

I use Monzo card – a new banking app that you load up with your budget for the month, so you know exactly what you're spending and whether you're blowing all your money on lunch in Pret.


Katie O'Malley, digital writer

When I'm really low on cash for the month, I take out a lump sum in cash on a Sunday night and vow to only spend that amount the following week. It helps keep track on how much I'm actually spending and avoids the habit of using contactless on everything

I also order a pint of water with every drink I have in a pub or club to prevent me going up to the bar every time I'm thirsty. 


Lila Roberts, fashion cupboard manager

I save by batch buying and and make all of my meals in advance so I don't overspend in the week. In terms of going out, I always check Time Out's 'Free Things to Do In London' page so I can stay culturally involved with galleries and exhibitions without having to spend money. Drinking at home instead of pre-drinking in bars is also essential.


Eirwen Oxley Green, chief sub editor

Every time I get a £2 coin in change, I save it. They're not as common as £1 coins so you don't feel like you've lost all the spare change in your purse, but they add up quickly. I usually have around £300 come Christmas time to help with present-buying. 


Donna Wallace, accessories editor

I have the app Daily Budget so I put in the amount I have for the month (I went in under the amount this month to add to the challenge) and put in my transactions. 

I've only been using it a month and, let's be honest, January is possibly the easiest of months to save in as it tends to be quieter. However, it has made the process of what I'm spending on much easier and a bit more of a game. Also I'm more privy to where and when I'm tapping my contactless card or phone. It also predicts what I'm likely to have saved at the end of the month.


Daisy Murray, junior digital writer

I sell clothes on an app called Depop that helps you buy and sell from your mobile. I was recently was able to sell some Moschino jeans that didn't suit me for £90.

My boyfriend and I also ask for gallery and museum memberships for birthdays so we can always go to expensive exhibitions for free. It helps gives you the illusion that your lifestyle is fancy.


Viet Tran, senior designer

I catch the bus to work and then get the tube home to save money. I also make sure to cook at least four lunches a week so that I'm not forking out at least £30 in Pret A Manger every week. 

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