Pop Star Politics: The Celebrities Urging You To Vote

​To Brexit or not to Brexit, the decision is yours

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The referendum is nearly upon us and you have just one more day to register to vote (that is, unless you've been registered for years, in which case, well done).

Now, more than ever before, the UK's celebs are taking to social media to urge the importance of having a say. 

With the disappointing news that only 31 per cent of 16-24 year-olds are 'fairly' or 'very' interested in politics, there is a general worry among the politically active that the country's important decisions - like the EU referendum - are being made among an older, potentially more jaded contingent. 

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Even without the 'jaded' qualification, the fact is, if young people aren't voting, then they aren't being represented. 

With one final day to register to vote, celebrities, politicians, fashion brands and journalists alike are urging you to get it done!

Vivienne. Pic #juergenteller @sadiecoleshq

A photo posted by Vivienne Westwood (@viviennewestwoodofficial) on

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High fashion brand Ashish posted Wolfgang Tillmans campaign t-shirts:

@wolfgang_tillmans 💙 #registertovote #stay #peoplepower #strongertogether 💪🏼

A photo posted by ASHISH (@ashish_uk) on

Singer Jessie Ware posted these two pictures on her Instagram:

A photo posted by Jessie Ware (@jessieware) on

Actress Keira Knightly posted this video:

Actress Joan Collins sent this Tweet:

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Actor Idris Elba sent this Tweet:

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Actress Elizabeth Hurley shared this picture on Twitter:

Benedict Cumberbatch, Paloma Faith and 250 other British celebrities signed a letter backing the EU: 'Britain is not just stronger in Europe, it is more imaginative and more creative, and our global creative success would be severely weakened by walking away.'

Footballer David Beckham shared his thoughts:

Model Alexa Chung posted this Instagram:

I'm IN. PLEASE remember to use your voice and VOTE.

A photo posted by Alexa (@alexachung) on

REGISTER TO VOTE BY JUNE 7th..going on holiday/to a muddy field/desert/space travelling=postal/proxy...#IN #VoteIN pic.twitter.com/clCXu7SdMk— Clara Paget (@ClaraPaget) June 4, 2016