Naomi Campbell's Sponsored Post: The Copy And Paste Saga Continues

​You had one job.

A valuable lesson can be learned from Scott 'The Lord' Disick.

We genuinely never thought we'd say that. 

Ever since Scott Disick accidentally posted the entire email he'd received from a brand, suggesting a caption for his sponsored Instagram post, the world has become a little wiser to which celebrity posts are paid for and which are genuine statements of personal interest. 

 We've now learned that Scott Disick reportedly gets paid up to £13,000 per post, to Instagram weightloss teas and teeth whiteners.


But alas, another celeb has fallen foul of the email copy and paste nightmare: Naomi Campbell. 

Rather than typing out her own Instagram caption to accompany a photo of her with her new Adidas shoes, she copied and pasted the entire email from Team Adidas into her caption and uploaded it. 

The original caption (which has since been edited) read:


So nice to see you in good spirits!!!Could you put something like:

Thanks to my friend @gary.aspden and all at adidas - loving these adidas 350 SPZL from the adidas Spezial range. 😘 😘💜✊ @adidasoriginals'

Seriously, guys, you had one job...

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