Millennials Are Ruining Handshakes And Everything Else In The World

A new study into hand strength finds Generation Y is significantly weaker than that older generations


What with our youthful skin and our opposable thumbs that don't struggle with modern technology unlike those elder folk, us millennials are always getting the blame for all that's wrong with society.

The housing shortage, lack of jobs, Justin Bieber.

But now, it's gone too far, as today we're being blamed for the downfall for a British staple – the handshake.


A recent study published by the Journal of Hand Therapy (yes, it's real) found that grip strength for male volunteers tested between the ages of 24 and 34-years-old had significantly weakened when compared to results from 1985. (FYI, female participants showed a much less drastic difference in grip strength).

Say it isn't so!

To measure said grip strength, researchers used a hand dynamometer —a handle shaped machine similar to a suitcase handle – which volunteers had to grip to transfer their strength into a calculation of weight.


Professor Elizabeth Fain from Winston-Salem State University who co-authored the study told NPR: 'Work patterns have changed dramatically since 1985, when the first norms were established.'

'As a society, we're no longer agricultural or manufacturing...what we're doing more now is technology-related, especially for millennials.'

See, it's not our fault we have weak hands.

On the plus side, the test found an increase in thumb strength among millennials. It seems all that swiping left on Tinder has actually been worthwhile after all. #winning

So there you have it, we're ruining handshakes but at least we can give a sturdy thumbs up.

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