Watch The Terrifying New Blair Witch Trailer

The sequel's trailer ​has just been revealed at Comic Con


If the idea of hiding behind a pillow, double-checking the lock on the front door and sleeping with the lights on sounds like a fun Saturday night in, look no further for your horror-filled entertainment than the new Blair Witch trailer.

Released last week at Comic-Con, the trailer's sneak premiere debuted after two years of production and high-level secrecy which included a fake marketing campaign, fake trailer and fake name (formerly known as Into The Woods). 


Following on from the first film, The Blair Witch Project, which was released in 1999 – yes, that's 17 years ago – the sequel follows the younger brother of one of the film students from the original film, who (of course) decides to invite a group of friends to venture into the woods to find out what happened to his sister.

Yes, because that's a great idea.

Watch the trailer below. Warning: you might want to grab a pillow. 


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