Wine Is More Expensive At The Weekend

​Research shows vino costs more on Saturdays and Sundays


If you're planning on a booze-filled night out this weekend, you might want to stock up on the alcohol now. 

No, seriously. Right now.

According to a study by mobile shopping app Ibotta, wine is more expensive on Saturdays and Sundays.

And you thought that chilled bottle of Sauvignon Blanc on Saturday was going to be a treat, didn't you?


The app analysed 50 million shopping receipts submitted by volunteers and found that prices rise the most at the weekend when we're all more inclined to pop to the shops before a night out.

The research found that, on average, wine is 6 per cent cheaper on a Tuesday while beer is 9 per cent cheaper on a Monday, as shops are more likely to offer cheeper deals earlier in the week.

Although the research was conducted in the US, we have a sneaky suspicion UK supermarkets might be up to the same fishy business.

Our advice?

Head to the shops tonight and stock up ahead of the weekend.

And while you're at it, pop open a bottle to celebrate your impressive organisational skills.

You deserve it. 

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