The Cotton Candy Ice Cream Cone Trend Taking Over London

Dessert cafe Milk Train brings you sugary ice cream goodness, and then some​


Cotton candy (a.k.a. candyfloss) – that sugar based fluff ball treat that somehow always gets in your hair and makes your hands feel like you're covered in PVA glue – is having a makeover.

Newly opened dessert cafe Milk Train in London has created the next big food trend (move over rainbow cakes and red velvet croissants) to bring you ice cream cones wrapped in swirls of cotton candy.

It's a clean freak's worst nightmare. 



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Offering three flavours – vanilla, matcha (of course) and roasted green tea (otherwise known as hojicha) – Milk Train invites customers to cover their gelatos with toppings such as cookies, nuts, popcorn and chocolate sauce cushioned in a sugary cloud bed. 

While the thought of eating the dessert might have us reaching for the nearest pot of hand sanitizer, the pictures are mesmerising:

Pretty damn excited about these floating matcha and houjicha ice creams from @milktraincafe

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Icecream makes you happy !!. #milktrain #candyfloss #icecream #london #travel #wanderlust #icecreams

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Okay we're slightly tempted to try this one out – we just might get someone else to hold it while we eat. 

Curse you sugar! 

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